Zombie Gunship Survival mod + apk OBB 1.6.53 No Overheating

Zombie Gunship Survival
App Name Zombie Gunship Survival
Genre Action
Developer Flaregames
Size 457.7Mb
Latest Version OBB 1.6.53
Mod info No Overheating
Update May 12, 2022 (4 days ago)

Description of Zombie Gunship Survival

Zombie Gunship Survival (MOD, No Overheating) is a game involving zombies. The games related to this topic have attracted many MOBA gamers that everyone has enthusiastically received. And this game is not an exception because as soon as it was released, it quickly captured CH play’s top spot. Simultaneously, just after a short time, this game quickly earned over ten million downloads on the Android operating system platform.

Become A Brave Warrior

Zombie Gunship Survival apk takes place in a fantasy world, where a devastating zombie plague has destroyed the entire planet. With unbelievable destruction, humanity has little left to cling to. The earth is filled with nasty monsters that only crave blood and meat.

zombie gunship survival action shooter mod apk android

This is a dynamic action game containing many genres of fun at the same time. Players must apply strategic thinking, and the mission is to support firepower for troops and ordinary people left alone after the apocalypse of zombies.

You are one of the lucky ones to survive, and only you can save the remnants of humanity and provide them with a protected shelter. You will fly on a military plane and sit on the gunner seat to destroy bloodthirsty zombies and overcome all kinds of obstacles on the way to rescue the squad.

Special Missions and Places to Explore   

You will be the last line of defense between zombies and the human world in Zombie Gunship Survival. The mission is to kill the zombies before they kill people and reach your military base. You will control the weapon system on the plane AC-130, destroy waves of zombies on the ground before reaching the safe tunnel. Collect resources from friends you have sent to build a military base.

zombie gunship survival action shooter mod apk

Each time you complete a mission, you will receive a reward, and these can help you with many things like upgrading weapons, getting equipment rewards, and more.

Zombie Gunship Survival owns the most sophisticated weapons with about 30 types of cannons, rockets, AKM, sniper rifles, etc. Initially, players will be equipped with three types of weapons: 25mm automatic cannon, 40mm automatic cannon, and Gatling gun. After that, you can count on the bonuses earned from completing zombie-killing missions to upgrade weapons.

Aircraft in the game are capable of moving at a higher speed than any other vehicle. The game will take you to mountains, thermal power plants, and many other attractions. Most of the places were surrounded by monsters, and a few of the residents were fighting back weakly. Each location will have a rugged terrain that makes the strategy need to change.

There are two types of zombies; they are tiny walking zombies and giant fast-running zombies. Players can meet them on different maps with different difficulties. To destroy them, you need to have a specific strategy matching the characteristics of each map.

If the enemy is too strong and too much, you can join your friends to fight. Then you will find that killing the enemy is not difficult at all.

Sound and Graphics

Zombie Gunship Survival has excellent graphics and is highlighted by the high level of detail elements, as well as the overall harmonious design. The well-developed visual effects and interesting game mechanics keep the gameplay going smoothly. The sound in the game perfectly matches the main highlight and helps players immerse themselves in this game fully. Moreover, the game has well-dubbed dialogues to help players understand more clearly about the mission ahead.

zombie gunship survival action shooter mod graphics

Download Zombie Gunship Survival for android

The game offers dramatic, thrilling battles, helping players relieve stress after stressful working hours. Besides, the gameplay of the game also helps you to satisfy your passion for guns in particular and action shooting games in general. However, the game is also limited in ammo as well as too little ammo. So download Zombie Gunship Survival MOD APK version right away to enjoy limitless ammo features. Surely you will have a lot easier battles.