Zombie Diary 2 mod + apk 1.2.5 Unlimited Money

Zombie Diary 2
App Name Zombie Diary 2
Genre Action
Developer Mountain Lion
Size 18.7MB
Latest Version 1.2.5
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update April 20, 2022 (2 months ago)

Description of Zombie Diary 2

Zombie Diary 2 (Mod, Unlimited Money) is an improved version of Zombie Diary, in this version many features have been added and improved a lot. Basically, the gameplay will still be the same as part 1, but the weapon system has been added more, the power has been upgraded much stronger. Keep reading to get more information about this game.


game zombie diary 2 mod apk

Zombie Diary 2: Evolution is an entertaining game full of potential, with a charm because of its simplicity and diverse content.

As one of the outstanding zombie games on mobile devices, however, anyone can download it for free on the Google Play (Android) system.

Although it is a game with the theme of killing Zombies, the game is not full of horror, or the usual horror, but instead has a very unique "funny" substance, plus a "cry" gameplay. sweep” makes us “bloody” but still full of fun.


zombie diary 2 mod

This gameplay is an attractive action game on Android devices. You will play the role of heroes to destroy the Zombies that are wreaking havoc everywhere. The zombies are sweeping the land, dominating our planet and pushing all the people into the last lands, a terrible catastrophe is about to happen and humanity is on the verge of danger. As surviving citizens, you must take up arms to fight and destroy the Zoombies to protect your loved ones, the responsibility of humanity's survival is in your hands.

You have a variety of different types of guns with a diverse arsenal. Get your weapons and fight for survival, killing all the zombies. You will earn gold coins and diamonds when you kill all the zombies, you can use those gold coins to upgrade weapons or enhance your equipment.

Features Of Zombie Diary 2: Evolution

Zombie Diary 2 apk gives players a battle with bloodthirsty zombies. In the context that the whole world is facing a zombie pandemic. Everywhere in the world, there are monsters and zombies. They are corpses that have been bitten to death by monsters and turned into monsters. You and a few lucky people in the world survived. Play as the brave knight standing up to destroy all those hateful monsters.

Various characters

Characters in the game are quite diverse with more than 10 different characters for you to choose from. Each character has its own advantages, its own special features. Choose for yourself one of the characters: Alex Murphy, John Bob, J.K., Ray Park, Bane, Snake Eyes, John Bob or Sophia. In battle you can only bring one character. Characters will have stats for you to upgrade. 

To increase strength, promote the character's special skills. You can upgrade the following stats: Health, Armor or Speed. Collect gold coins and items in each match to make this process easier.

Modern weapons and vehicles

zombie diary 2 mod apk

The game has more than 100 different weapons including: Guns, knives, grenades, etc... along with many other combat weapons. Each gun has its own attack feature. Depending on the type of monster you can use the most appropriate. The means of combat is also an extremely important factor to help you get an easier victory. Robots, tanks or if you like to fly in the air, then airplanes will be the most reasonable choice. Everything is sold in the shop for coins or diamonds.

Item system

Depending on the match, choose the 3 most suitable items to take away. Defeat all enemies to get a lot of gold coins. There will be items on the monster's body that will drop when you destroy them. Please pick it up and use it in the next missions.

Graphics and Audio Review 

The point that attracts players in this game is the excellent image and sound quality. Although it is a mobile game, this gameplay has really good image quality, from the smallest details are also meticulously and honestly designed. This game is designed with simple 2D graphics with a cute style of Western comics, so you will have a very comfortable feeling when playing.

The most realistic and vivid sound is the sound of gunfire and the sound of killing zombies, giving players a more dramatic and thrilling feeling when playing the game. Sometimes I get distracted and feel scared by the scars of the zombies. The background music in the game also gives players a sense of excitement, suspense and increases the drama of the game.

Download Zombie Diary 2 Apk + Mod for android

The game was born to help people satisfy their entertainment needs after stressful and tiring hours of studying and working. However, in this game if you do not have money to buy weapons as well as characters, you will not be able to complete the tasks. When you try forever but can't, you will feel inhibited and do not want to play the game. Don't worry with the above feature you can buy all the guns in the shop, buy all the characters and items completely for free. Zombie Diary 2 MOD APK will bring you the most satisfying entertainment moments right from the moment you enter the game.

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