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Xenowerk Tactics
App Name Xenowerk Tactics
Genre Arcade
Developer SEGA
Size 55.6MB
Latest Version 1.2.9
Mod info Unlocked
Update April 21, 2022 (4 weeks ago)

Description of Xenowerk Tactics

Xenowerk Tactics Overview

If you are one of the gamers who love strategy games, you will love Xenowerk Tactics with beautiful graphics and engaging gameplay. One of the factors that make the game successful is thanks to the tactical gameplay, combined with the unique character controls and the great storyline. Do you think it's easy to find a match that conveys all of those elements? This article will cover this title. Indeed, it will not disappoint you in terms of what it brings.

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Attractive Storyline

The story in Xenowerk Tactics is about a laboratory of Xenowerk Corporation in the Arctic. Due to the mistakes of scientists, an uncontrollable disaster happened at this facility. Mutants and strange creatures have attacked it. However, due to the laboratory's confidential information, Xenowerk Corporation wants to find a way to deal with this accident quietly.

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But unlike horror or sci-fi franchises, you won't become a hero. This strategy game will put the fate of warriors into your hands. As the commander of an emergency response team, you will be in charge of everything from recruiting members to providing weapons and supplies to manage their base. At the same time, you must ensure that they receive adequate medical care. You and your team will embark on an adventure to obtain secret documents and solve this disaster.

Tactical Gameplay

xenowerk tactics mod

As previously stated, Xenowerk Tactics is a strategy game. As a result, you don't require a lot of control. Your primary responsibility is to create campaigns and make decisions that will help your soldiers complete missions and survive. Suppose you want to control your entire workforce, double-tap in one place. If you only want to move a character, drag it and leave it in the position you want.

Your warriors will be armed with weapons such as guns, grenades, and other tools. Moreover, they also have mutant abilities. All of those pieces of equipment and skills are crucial in campaigns.

Your heroes will have to perform many different tasks such as rescuing allies, defending essential areas, or destroying enemies. Besides, they may encounter other unexpected situations. Sometimes, eating a poisonous mushroom can be just as dangerous as fighting a giant monster.

In the game, you will control a team of 3 members, and you should remember that each warrior will have different skills. For example, McOwen is a good sniper, and Mulder is a female warrior who regularly uses grenades to kill her opponents. As a result, the selection of members will have a significant impact on the campaigns.

Features Of The Game


xenowerk tactics mod apk

You will be on a military base with numerous buildings such as barracks, hospitals, an armory, and a spa. This is where you manage and develop your warriors. If you lost a member, you could come here to recruit a new one.


If any of your soldiers become ill, you can transport them to hospitals for treatment. You cannot, however, bring them back to life if they are already dead. It would help if you upgraded your hospital to treat more patients.


Spa appears in the game to assist you in upgrading your character and unlocking skills. You can also use it to increase your experience score.


For soldiers, weapons are indispensable. If you possess potent armaments, you will have an advantage on the battlefields. Therefore, you should upgrade weapons and armor for the characters.

Graphics and Sound

Despite being a top strategy game, Xenowerk Tactics does not have high-quality graphics. The game has pixel-based 2D graphics. The game's map is quite dark and gives the player a creepy feeling. The players will feel the danger of participating in campaigns, and they may be startled when monsters appear. Furthermore, in addition to realistic sounds, players will have an exciting experience.

Player Experience

The game is fantastic and has piqued the interest of many gamers. On Google Play, it has over 100,000 downloads. Some players, however, believe that it would be better with some customization for the primary three classes to create sub-classes for different purposes. Furthermore, the price of $7,99 USD is not exceptionally reasonable. Hopefully, the game developers will address these issues in future versions.

Download Xenowerk Tactics for Android

Do you want to become a talented strategist with mighty warriors? Furthermore, thanks to the unlimited money feature, you can have a large amount of money with the game version. What are you waiting for? Download and enjoy it now.



Does this game have online mode?

It is a single-player offline game. You do not need an Internet connection to play it. Maybe, it will have an online mode in the future. Let's look forward to developers.

What languages does it support?

The game supports ten languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Japanese.