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World War Heroes
App Name World War Heroes
Genre Action
Developer Azur Interactive Games Limited
Size 1380.3Mb
Latest Version 1.32.2
Mod info MOD Menu
Update April 30, 2022 (2 months ago)

Description of World War Heroes

Set in World War II in Europe, World War Heroes MOD APK is the ultimate automatic FPS shooting game with extreme graphics quality. Players will immerse themselves in the brutal war scene and put on the soldier's coat of the warring factions. If you want to know more about this game, keep reading!

Introducing World War Heroes 

After the last few tests, This game is a super nice graphic FPS game for mobile and has officially launched the Open Beta version with full of attractive features.

Although set in the context of World War 2 like many other FPS giants have done like Battlefield or Call of Duty, World War Heroes still promises to give players an interesting experience right on mobile devices. 


The players will be engaged in extremely intense battles and fierce gun battles, where the distance between life and death can only be measured by a few millimeters of bullets. 

In particular, World War Heroes has very realistically described the arsenal when each gun has different range and recoil parameters. Especially if the player presses the fire button for too long, the shots will become inaccurate and the rate of "shooting to the sky" is higher than hitting.

Built with the context of World War 2, the weapon system, equipment, and equipment in the game are also designed to suit the context. From character appearance to guns or grenades, everything is shown quite realistically. 

Besides, the game also has many attractive game modes, bringing high competition for players. And the product also has some role-playing elements with players being able to collect gold coins and then buy or upgrade guns to be stronger for the next level.

Features Of World War Heroes 

Below are some special features of this game:

7 legendary battle zones from World War II, 4 types of advanced combat gear from the US, Russia, Japan and Germany, 5 game modes and custom games where players make their own rules surname.
Allows the player to control the tank on the battlefield, an element never seen before in the FPS genre on mobile.
Huge arsenal with more than 50 different weapons: pistols, rifles, machine guns, shotguns and grenades and other melee weapons.
Top notch graphics, extremely tense and harsh wartime space.
Graphics and Audio Review 
Beautiful 3D graphics, space, characters as well as weapons in World War Heroes are designed based on the European context of World War II, the battlefield scene is reproduced quite clearly and extremely fierce.

Each gun has a different range and recoil, a quite special element in this game, bringing the most authentic experience to the player.

Not only are the uniforms diverse, but from the character's appearance to guns or grenades, everything is designed in detail, meticulous to each part.

The explosion effects clearly show the fierceness of the World War.

The sound of the game is lively with drums and trumpets ringing continuously, attracting players who want to try to experience the space of the fierce battlefield.

The sound of each gun when discharging is simulated differently. With rifles, bullets will be continuously discharged into the opponent, making the sound resound continuously, players will feel the intense heat of the match.

If you play long enough, just by hearing the sound of a gun, you can tell what kind of gun it is.

Download World War Heroes Apk + mod

With beautiful 3D graphics, a fierce World War II war scene and top-notch sound quality, World War Heroes MOD APK has brought not only an exciting experience but also a thrill to the gaming community. mobile player. What do you think about this game? Please share your views in the comments section below to discuss together!

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