Westland Survival mod 2.3.1 Free Craft/Unlimited Food

Westland Survival
App Name Westland Survival
Genre Adventure
Developer Helio Games
Size 237.2MB
Latest Version 2.3.1
Mod info Free Craft/Unlimited Food
Update June 07, 2022 (4 weeks ago)

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Description of Westland Survival

If you are looking for exciting action and adventure games on your mobile device, do not miss Westland Survival from Helio Games. You can enjoy epic survival gameplay while exploring the wonderful Wild West. Players will have the fun of exploring vast landscapes and delving into exciting survival challenges. Enjoy beautiful but full of danger and hostile enemies.

Many players think Westland Survival is a clone of Last Day On Earth because they have quite similar gameplay. However, the difference is that this game of Helio Games is set in the American West, so it has bright colors, not horror like LDOE. If you love the cowboy theme, love horseback riding in the West and tackle everything with guns, then this is the game for you.

Free Westland Survival MOD APK to Download for Android

Vibrant Land but Full of Danger

Westland Survival is an action game with a survival element. The player will be a real cowboy and can travel around significant locations. Players will have to hunt for wild animals, build farms, search for valuable treasures and resources, and socialize with other inhabitants of these lands.

Players will ride horses through the lands, hunting deer and buffalo for food. What makes the game so addictive is its realism. You will get a whole daily experience of what life in the Wild West is like.

But be careful as you are not the only player with a gun. You will likely meet enemies throughout the game, including bandits, or want to challenge you during the Battle of Mexico. Make sure you are ready to draw your guns and shoot justice at these evil bandits.

Bloody Battles with Bandits

In Westland Survival, you will discover the fun life of rangers at Lone Star. Besides, you also have to fight with aggressive and sinful bandits.

When entering the game, try to be a survivor in the Wild West. You will transform into the main character, perform the assigned tasks, complete them the best way and ensure your long-term survival. The first thing to do is to build a Wild West farm. The purpose of the farm building is to counteract attacks. The thugs are incredibly aggressive and intelligent, so you need to be alert to make the right decision. There is such a way to survive in this world full of traps and dangers easily.

Besides fierce fighting moments, you will also conduct logging and mines, hunting deer to find food and materials to develop the barracks. In particular, you can easily create new equipment, new items to serve your survival and combat.

Players should also look for wild animals, taming them for their primary purpose. Besides, horse breeding is also an excellent method to entertain and improve combat. Each level will have hundreds of various missions, and each task is an exciting challenge.

On the game's map, treasure places will be carefully marked. The player's task is to find them and discover all the treasure places. Another cool feature is that you can challenge any other cowboy, fight with them to find out the strongest.

Immersive Quality Graphics

Immersive Quality Graphics

Not only is the gameplay fun, but the graphics are also stunning. Players will surely enjoy great experiences with powerful and impressive visuals. Westland Survival has 3D graphics drawn with a realistic style, vivid images, and bright colors. The third view provides an overview of all the details style bold Western America in cowboy movies.

You will also be completely immersed in the excellent audio experience. Powerful sound effects let you fully immerse yourself in the challenges of the game.

Try to Survive!

There are no rules of survival in Westland Survival. This will be a difficult challenge that you need to show your bravery to overcome. The player's story in the main character will last forever throughout this entire adventure process. PVE and PVP game modes are the two most popular modes, giving players the most quality experience. This is a world-scale optical game, so the number of participants is enormous.

You can use the modified version of the game for free and be unlocked to enjoy all features fully. You just need to download and install Westland Survival MOD APK to enjoy unlimited food, fast build, godlike damage, etc.

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