Way of Retribution Mod Apk 3.050 (Unlimited Money)

Way of Retribution
App Name Way of Retribution
Genre Role Playing
Developer Lib
Size 42.2MB
Latest Version 3.050
Mod info Unlimited Money
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Update October 25, 2021 (1 months ago)

Description of Way of Retribution

Have You Tried Way of Retribution: Awakening?

Way of Retribution: Awakening, revenge, the war between light and darkness has been going on for hundreds of years. The gods mercilessly devastated the world, and humans suffered too much damage. Choose from a variety of character classes, upgrade items and equipment to enhance your combat power. If no one can do it, you will, fail or not, no longer matter. A beautiful but challenging role-playing game that you should experience right now.

Role-playing games have never been hot in the world gaming community. Currently, there are many hot role-playing games that are loved by many players, such as The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, Ultraman: Legend of Heroes, Titan Quest: Legendary Edition, and especially Dark Soul. Today I'm going to bring you an equally engaging import game called Way of Retribution: Awakening. After only a short time of launch, the game publisher has achieved more than hundreds of thousands of downloads on Google Play and received many compliments. Keep reading to learn more about this fun game!

Simple Storyline

Prehistoric is where there was the appearance of light and shadow. Their union is how worlds are formed. In all, there are gods; they are constantly fighting like two opposing forces. Their followers, too, prayed to the god, tried to stand on the stairs with the god or even more. Once appeared a creature with a powerful dark spirit. They will seek to overthrow the gods and render the balance of the world meaningless. Boundaries become fragile; conflict and war are a must.

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A world of peace gone, Way of Retribution. Brave warriors try with an attempt to preserve a fragment of hope. Eliminate chaos, restore peace to the world. Though peace, prosperity, greatness, and power are lost, they are no longer important for the time being. The wrath of the living gods has turned into a bridge of souls. This makes the cycle of reincarnation between death and resurrection impossible to stop.

The battle continued for centuries, perhaps even millennia. By combining the essences of light and shadow, creating a human is supposed to end the endless war. Capture relics, ancient creatures, people become powerful. They even surpass their creators themselves. But the vicious cycle of reincarnation does not ignore anyone, and no one has enough time to do it. The war hasn't stopped; a force is greater than the soul. The power that surpasses the gods is the birth of a new god? Find out at the Way of Retribution: Awakening game right now.

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Awaken and lead people to little hope, not any god, but you. Entering a beautiful 3D world with sharp shapes, players can completely move due. Please choose a favorite character class, easily customize the character as you like. Develop, upgrade, and change equipment to become more powerful. Attractive action gameplay, but again, this game is challenging. Each monster, every area, always becomes a tough challenge. Not to mention the giant bosses with tremendous power.

Video Game Trailer


Way of Retribution: Awakening is played in a classic style. You will control the character into the dungeons, where you will clash with evil spirits and dark warriors. The game’s control system is also straightforward to understand; you just need to use the virtual key on the left to let the character move, touch and hold the sides of the screen to rotate the viewing angle. On the right side are the virtual keys to show the character's skills such as jumping, back, using shields, using special skills. Besides, you can also let the character automatically look at the opponent by touching the Aim icon.

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When you repeatedly attack, your character's energy and stamina will decrease rapidly, and you won't be able to fight more until he recovers. So, you should step back and wait for your character to regain his strength to continue fighting. Besides, you also need to use special skills appropriately to avoid consuming your energy and physical strength.

Key Features

  • The attractive role-playing game is referred to as the Dark Soul mobile version;
  • Beautiful 3D graphics, vivid sound, but still optimized to ensure the smooth operation;
  • Character building support with lots of custom upgrade options, starting depending on the selected class;
  • Flexible character development, hundreds of different weapons, equipment, and skills;
  • Each encounter with an enemy is a challenge; the enemy can hide behind any location;
  • A seamless open world where players will explore and upgrade equipment and weapons;
  • Freedom of control in the combat system assists with target lock to make it easier to navigate;
  • The play follows the game's plot mode.

Graphics and Sound

Way of Retribution: Awakening is designed on a pretty good 3D graphics background with a mobile game. Entering the world in the game, you will see a gloomy, dark place where dark spirits and monsters reign. The publisher also designed the game with a dark color tone, making the scene more cold and suspenseful. 

way of retribution graphics

However, the game does not have a minimap to help players know where they are and how they exit. There have been times when I have been stuck for hours and cannot find my way out. Perhaps the publisher needs to make a little adjustment on this issue to increase the player experience.

In terms of sound, the game's soundtracks make gamers more nervous and a little bit of horror. For that reason, the game's background music is designed in accordance with the context and gameplay of this game.

Download Way of Retribution: Awakening for Android

With the Unlimited Gold feature, you can freely use gold to upgrade your character and do what you want in the game. Download Way of Retribution: Awakening now using the link we provide below!