Virtual Families 3 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Virtual Families 3
App Name Virtual Families 3
Genre Casual
Developer Last Day of Work, LLC
Latest Version
Mod info Unlimited Money
Root Yes
Internet Yes
Get it On com.ldw.vf3
Update April 28, 2021 (5 months ago)

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Description of Virtual Families 3

With Virtual Family 3, you will have a lot of money in the bank to be able to shop for the things you want and create a happy life in this game.

Along with Virtual Villagers and Fish Tycoon, Virtual Families 3 is the third version of the series released by a famous publisher, Last Day of Work. Since its release to the present time, the heat of this game has yet to show signs of stopping. This game is added by the publisher with new and interesting elements, improved content that makes players more attracted from the first try. It can be said that this game helps you create the family life you want to have. Download Virtual Family 3 on your Android device to explore happy family life today!

Virtual Families 3 MOD APK to Play Instantly for Free

Start your Life in Virtual Family 3

Virtual Family 3 will bring you back to the countryside with a peaceful and airy space. Around town, a lot of people are gossiping about strange things going on here, and they can't find an answer. You can help them but not now.

At the start of the game, the first thing is that you will create a character for yourself and start living in this virtual world. Your character will start doing small jobs like cleaning and repairing the old house. Then it is about looking for a job and developing relationships.

Virtual Family 3 provides players with a detailed designed dashboard. If you want to know any character or object’s information, just touch them; the overview information will be displayed automatically.

Build your Home!
Build your Home!

In Virtual Family 3, you can find a lover for your character, then get married and live together. Sometime after they develop a relationship, they will move into your home and live together. From there, the two characters in the game will be children.

You will see the characters before and after the change. There are many changes compared to when you are dating; you will have to take care of your children from childhood until they grow up and avoid problems during the parenting process.

There are a lot of organized incidents in the game like kitchen fires, broken furniture, and your kids getting sick. Your task is to solve all those problems; at the same time, you will also feel the joy in a family.

Design your Dream Home

Over time, your house will become old, and many items in it will be damaged. You will need to fix them or replace them with new ones. Virtual Family 3 will give you many options to make your home more beautiful and comfortable. You can shop for more items to decorate your house.

Not only you, but you can also expand your home by adding a bedroom, backyard, or front yard.

Educate your Children

As your children grow, they will need the education to become good citizens. You will be the person who is always there, watching and teaching them; you will also be the one to guide your children in the future.

When your kids grow up, they'll go to school and work away from home. From time to time, you will take their letters and give them words of encouragement.


If you feel in-game time-lapse too slowly, you can upgrade Virtual Family 3 to play faster. You can purchase "Time Warp" to skip unnecessary parts of the game. Equip garden machines so that they can take care of your garden on your behalf. Even "Adoption Service" will help you have a fiancée and a cute baby.


Virtual Family 3 is beautifully designed with bright colors and sharp 3D images. The action of the character in the game looks quite realistic, giving the player the feeling of experiencing a family shock-like in real life.

Download Virtual Families 3 MOD APK for Android

You can download a modified version of this game to your mobile device to enjoy its great features. The unlimited money feature allows you to have a lot of money in the bank, and you can shop for just about anything. Download it now to start your home life!