Underground 2077: ZOMBIE SHOOTER Mod Apk 1.0.51 (Unlimited Money)

Underground 2077: ZOMBIE SHOOTER
App Name Underground 2077: ZOMBIE SHOOTER
Genre Action
Developer GDCompany
Size 56MB
Latest Version 1.0.51
Mod info Unlimited Money
Get it On com.gdcompany.metro2077
Update July 28, 2021 (4 months ago)

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Description of Underground 2077: ZOMBIE SHOOTER

Underground 2077: Zombie Shooter will bring you into the world of events developing after the target zombies in the near future. You will fight to open the exit of this mutant flood in the gloomy darkness of the underground world. The game promises to bring dramatic moments, and indeed, you will not be able to rest even a second in the gloomy end-of-the-end world you have to witness.

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The game was taken in the world in 2077 when humanity was suffering from a zombie pandemic. The pandemic killed most of the life on Earth.

You will fight to open the exit of this mutant flood in the gloomy darkness of the deserted underground world. Don't look forward to finding someone alive! What remains are only tragic ruins. Along with other survivors onto the giant arsenal, you will not be able to rest even a second in this overwhelming post-ending world. An ignorant moment can take your life.

Gameplay and Features

Underground 2077 has small challenges stretching through New York's subway tunnels. Players will move through each area and defeat the zombies.

The first place you set foot is that West Station has about 14 zombies. You will use the MP5 gun that the system provides to destroy them, then switch to the next challenge in West-Wall Underpass.

Mostly, the goal in the challenge of the game is to beat specific goals. You must complete a continuous challenge string to receive bonus combos, including items such as ice, lucky chests, grenades, and bonuses.

The game control panel is designed quite simply, including a D-pad key to navigate and reload, a button to watch, and two buttons to use support items. The character will automatically shoot every time the players’ target.

Besides the gameplay, weapons are the most notable points in the game with two categories, including primary weapons (rifles, SMG, shotgun) and extra weapons (pistol). Players will have two MP-5 and Makarov guns.

When there is more money, you can replace them with higher damage types such as Uzi Pro, MP-7, M-416, ARK-47, Micro SMG, or SKS, and most of them can be purchased in gold. But some special guns with extensive damage require players to reach a certain level.

Only several types of guns are damage and shock. Be skillful in choosing weapons that match the type of zombie you face.

The gun system also can be upgraded. When a gun is upgraded many times, the damage will increase significantly, making the Players overcome the challenge more straightforward and faster.

Don't forget to make money to upgrade guns because with MP-5 at level 1. It will be pretty challenging to defeat 20 corpses at the same time. Besides, the weapon will also be worn over time. The more it uses, the more durability, causing damage, and accuracy also decreases. So after one or two battles, Players should fix guns.

There are two factions that gamers can choose to play, including alliance and freedom. Two characters representing the two factions are also the only two characters in the game. They are only different in external forms. The movements in the future are mostly the same, only a little different about the costume.

In addition to weapons, gamers can equip armor and costumes for characters. By default, the character has RU1 armor, but you can replace it with the US or UE line armor.

Players can also buy more bombs and Medkit to fight with a better state. The bomb is handy when it helps quickly destroy a concentrated, vivid group at a location.

The game has a new set of players for $1,59, including MP-7, Mark.23 Pistol, NATO Bulletproof Vest, F1 Grenades X10, Large Medkits X10, 20,000 Silver and 1000 Gold. Players can consider buying them or using the APK mod version to buy any weapons.

Graphics and Sound

About graphics, Underground 2077: Zombie Shooter is designed in detail and meticulously with the actual image of the character and weapons. The game offers a high role-playing feeling, helping the Players have quality leisure moments. Don't forget to bring the headset when playing to get the most elevated peak experience.

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This is a fantastic shooter game. While the content and context are pretty famous, developer GDCompany already knows how to create the thrill and thrill of players fighting the hordes of undead. With the battles with zombies in the subway station, the atmosphere of tension and fear is reflected in the sound and dark, desolate areas, players will experience a quality shooter.