Ulala: Idle Adventure Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Ulala: Idle Adventure
App Name Ulala: Idle Adventure
Genre Role Playing
Developer X.D. Global
Latest Version
Mod info Unlimited Money
Root No
Internet Yes
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Update May 04, 2021 (5 months ago)

Description of Ulala: Idle Adventure

Overview of Urala: Idle Adventure

Overview of Urala: Idle Adventure

If you like the dinosaur theme and want to conquer new lands, you should download and play Urala: Idle Adventure. This game takes you to the vast world where you become a dinosaur hunter. Besides, you need to build an empire and become the most powerful hero.

Specifically, you will be returned to the Stone Age, when the dinosaurs were still not extinct. At this time, humans and dinosaurs lived in harmony with each other. Therefore, you absolutely can join the dinosaur on the exciting adventure.

The game is released by XD Global - a company specializing in the production of sandbox games. It has also been quite successful with titles like Eternal City and Final Heroes as well.



This game has a fairly simple gameplay. You do not need to perform operations to fight monsters. All will automatically happen. Your mission is to choose the right target to attack. When you win each battle, you will receive a reward. You can use them to upgrade, build and grow your army.

At the start of the game, you need to choose a server to join the world of Ulala: Idle Adventure, which includes Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, North America, Europe and Global. After that, you can name and choose 2 types of characters: Hunter or Assassin.

In the game, you will be able to join 3 other generals. You can set up a hunt for wild boars, eagles, tyrannizards in the jungle to earn money and exp.

Besides, you can unlock equipment such as shirts, pants, hats, shoes, bows, swords, swords and upgrade them to get more power. In addition, you can hunt monsters in stages in many lands. There are 4 continents including Fire Continent, Ice Continent, Earth Continent, and Lightning Continent.

Of course, the difficulty will increase gradually. The harder the game, the more rewards you get. In addition, the monster has the same power as your character, so you need to coordinate with your teammates to fight properly.

Base Construction

After fighting in the jungle, you return to build your base where you upgrade skills, trade or take on quests. Functional areas will be unlocked according to your level.

Besides, you have to prepare recipes and create unique traps. You can hunt pets on a journey and level them up. They will follow and help you fight.

Video Game Trailer

Join a Clan

Since Ulala: Idle Adventure is an Online mobile game, you can talk to other players. You can view their profile, follow them and join a clan with them.

Moreover, you can join hands to build a powerful clan to fight the dinosaur world. When you have teammates, you can take advantage of their level. The higher their level, the higher the success rate of the battle will be.

Power up With Your Equipment

Power up With Your Equipment

Finding equipment is not your main goal; instead, you have to increase its power. Strength stat is the process of making your equipment more powerful. To power up your equipment you need shells. Shells are the base currency of the game Ulala.

Graphics and Sound

Ulala: Idle Adventure is a 3D game with beautiful cartoon graphics and vivid combat effects. In addition, the character's colors and scenery are very bright.

On the other hand, the sound of the game is also very good, skill effects, touch gestures are smooth. Live soundtrack helps recreate the wild world and fiery battles.

Download Ulala: Idle Adventure for Android

Ulala: Idle Adventure MOD APK is an amazing game, suitable for ancient world enthusiasts. With beautiful graphics, simple yet unique gameplay, this game is worth a try. Are you ready to fight and become the strongest warrior in Ulala?