Titan Quest: Legendary Edition mod 2.10.7 apks Unlocked DLC / Unlimited Money

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition
App Name Titan Quest: Legendary Edition
Genre Role Playing
Developer Handygames
Size 3.7GB
Latest Version 2.10.7 apks
Mod info Unlocked DLC / Unlimited Money
Update January 18, 2022 (7 months ago)

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Description of Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

You can download and play Titan Quest: Legendary Edition MOD APK for free on your Android device. Read our review to learn more about this RPG game!

Titan Quest is a game released a long time ago on the PC platform. Although it has quite a long life, it seems that the proportion of players of this game still shows no signs of stopping. 

This version allows you to participate in the war between the gods and the evil giant Titans. Join this game; you can create yourself a character to fight the evil Titan, explore famous landmarks in many parts of the world, such as the Pyramids of Egypt, Babylon city, Great Wall, or the Tartarus arena.

The cost to download on Google Play is $20.24, but you can completely download this game for free by visiting the link that we provide.


Storyline of Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

The Titans, filled with hatred towards humans and the gods atop Olympus, returned after a long imprisonment. They broke the pipeline between gods and humans and terrorized the living people. Don't let their plan succeed; otherwise, humanity will be wiped out, and the end of the gods wouldn't be much better. Your task is to find a way to reconnect the link on top of Olympus to bring these evil Titans back to their former captivity. Start the fight now!

Attractive Gameplay

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition takes place in a pre-Roman period; people and gods are living together in harmony. However, one day they have to face a dreadful danger. The Titans have escaped from their previous confinement and harmed humanity. Your mission is to defeat the Titans and bring peace to the lives of the people.

You will start the game in the village of Helos, where the villagers' crops are severely damaged by animals. Follow the directions of the villagers and they will give you the weapons and skills to help them destroy those harmful creatures. You will continuously explore new lands and experience new challenges and enemies.

The more challenges you go through, the stronger you will be before that helps you gain more fighting skills. In case your character is defeated, you can revive him at the nearby checkpoint. However, some experience points will also be deducted.

Currently, Titan Quest: Legendary Edition has three DLCs that you can experience: Immortal Throne, Atlantis, and Ragnarok. Each content will be summarized with a short text, which you can refer to before downloading to play. Each DLC has a boss battle. Use your strength and skills to defeat them.


Titan Quest: Legendary Edition has a fairly simple control mechanism and is familiar to many players. The virtual joystick used to control the character's movement is located in the left corner of the screen, while the skill and action keys are located in the right corner of the screen.

Character attacks will not consume mana so that they can be used continuously. However, the character's skills will lose mana when used, so you have to wait for the mana to be restored to continue using.

Your Character

The character you use can learn skills through levels, and he also has his own attributes: intelligence, strength, health, ingenuity, or energy.

You can also equip your character with weapons, armor, and some other beautiful outfits. These items can be given to you during quests or during battles.


Graphics of Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition is designed on a 3D graphics background and played in a third-person perspective, making it easy for players to observe the finished scenes around the character. Graphics are not too sharp, but it is enough for players to enjoy, and the game goes smoothly without interruption.

Download Titan Quest: Legendary Edition APK MOD for Android

The DLC unlock feature allows you to play all content of the game without having to pay fees. Download Titan Quest: Legendary Edition APK MOD today to join the battle with the evil Titans today!

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