The Escapists 2 mod 1.10.681181 Unlimited Money

The Escapists 2
App Name The Escapists 2
Genre Strategy
Developer Team 17 Digital Limited
Size 390.6MB
Latest Version 1.10.681181
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update May 25, 2022 (1 months ago)

Description of The Escapists 2

The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout MOD APK is a sequel to a cult project about a character who not only dreams of escaping from prison. Prison is never a pleasant place because it holds dangerous criminals, but it also has innocent people. This is a strategy game developed by Team 17 Digital Limited and a continuation of The Escapists 1.

The game is in many of the same ways as the original. Still, Team 17 Digital Limited has added many new prisons, quests, intelligent enemies, and other elements, significantly increasing the game’s fun and complexity. 

Plan Perfectly to Escape from the Strictest Prison

In the previous part, you played an extremely intelligent, brave prisoner and successfully escaped prison. However, for some reason, you are sent back to prison.

This time, the level of difficulty is multiplied by the prison chain with the most stringent security system with more monitoring and protection equipment. In particular, the security force is also very crowded and aggressive. All because you will play a criminal who is dangerous and challenging to deal with.  

You have to find a way to escape before the day your death sentence is executed. But this escape plan is not that simple. You must always follow strict rules and general prison activities such as queuing, eating meals, exercising, etc.

Make Friends and Escape with other Prisoners

Prison break in the game will bring significant risks, even death, if it fails. Prison break is a long process and has to be carefully prepared. Ensure you are present, complete all tasks, and adhere to the rules while trying to escape. When you have free time, talk to other prisoners or play sports, so the guards don't pay much attention to you.

The prison system in The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout is vast and diverse, with about eight prisons designed differently. From prisons like Centra Perk with a small security system to prisons with strict guards on notorious criminals. You have to find and link rooms, roofs, vents, underground tunnels, etc., into a safe path to escape.

In those prisons, you will encounter the most stringent security system with radar. With a lot of weapons, the guards are ready to fight if there is instability. To get past these guards, in addition to defeating them, you can bribe them. It can be said that this game requires you to be very calm, wise, and grasp the exact moment.

Once the essential elements have been strung together, planning is much easier. More specifically, you can cooperate with three other prisoners. With that said, chatting and playing sports will help build good relationships, and other prisoners will help you a lot in this plot.

Big Applause for the Game Provider

The pixel graphics in the game do not take up much space. However, the visual effects and life simulation in The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout is respectable. The game has a rich number of maps and game modes. It seems that Team 17 Digital Limited has studied a lot to portray prison life in the most detail. You will also find famous paintings in the Prison Escape series.

Interesting Challenges Are Waiting

If you like the movie Prison Break or the Dalton Brothers’ dumb plans, then The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout MOD APK is a game you cannot ignore. This is a paid game with exciting challenges. However, if you do not want to spend a small fee to download the game, you can download the MOD version with the feature of updating daily business episodes for players.

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