Tap Titans 2 mod 5.18.1 Unlimited Coins

Tap Titans 2
App Name Tap Titans 2
Genre Simulation
Developer Game Hive Corporation
Size 145.2Mb
Latest Version 5.18.1
Mod info Unlimited Coins
Update June 22, 2022 (1 weeks ago)

Description of Tap Titans 2

Tap Titans 2 Mod Apk, a new game developed by Game Hive Joint Stock Company, has attracted a lot of attention in the gaming community recently. That's because of its simple yet engaging gameplay.

Unlike other games with complicated control mechanics, this game only gives you a single control button throughout the game. You might think it's so boring, I'm going to prove to you that Tap Titans 2 is keeping me from leaving my phone.

The story of TAP TITANS 2

game tap titans 2 mod apk

The plot of the game is quite simple and easy to understand. By joining the game, you will become a Sword Master. Together with Sword and his teammates, you will protect this world by destroying the evil Titans.

Every time you come to a new land, there will be a new Titan for you to destroy and upgrade your weapons. Along with your dear pet companion, you will have to overcome more than 70,000 levels during your journey to defeat the mightiest Titan lord.


tap titans 2 mod

I must say this is the simplest game I have ever played. All you need to do is touch any point on the screen to make the main character automatically attack the opponent. It is quite similar to the legendary game Fruit Slash, but it has its charm when you are not a slasher anymore but have become a Martial Artist. That is indeed much more stimulating.

All touches in this game will be a swordsman's attack on the opponent. So, to optimize speed in touchpoint, I will show you the following trick. Use a larger screen to play games, such as an iPad; then you will be able to attack your opponent with all ten fingers. Then your swordsman will become invincible and defeat the opponent in a split second.

Tap Titans 2 has unlimited turns, so you'll have all day to defeat nine monsters and one boss in each scene. And do not forget to receive attractive rewards after each monster defeat. That's how to upgrade weapons and level up. Not only that, you can return to previous levels to accumulate more rewards if you feel the swordsman is not strong enough.

However, the difficulty of the game will increase gradually when you meet the final boss. You will no longer be as comfortable as before because the time to kill the final boss is limited. If you fail, you will have to replay this level for a chance to receive the reward.

New features updated

Unlike previous versions, this version of the game made me feel more excited when the game added a lot of unique features.

Auto-update feature

The game will still automatically update the quests even when you are offline. That will make upgrading weapons in the game faster. However, to make your weapon as powerful as possible, you should still kill your opponent manually.

Group feature

Now players don't have to fight alone anymore. You and other players will become members of a clan and join forces to fight the Titan Lord, who has terrible health. That will make the game much more fun to play, but it will also be a challenge to take down that god monster.

Feature upgrade

Contrary to the simplicity of the gameplay, the game's weapon upgrade system is complex and eye-catching. You'll spend the day immersed in the game's colorful gear world. The exciting storyline will also unfold when the player completes a level.

Your special teammate

tap titans 2 mod apk

What's more exciting than now you will no longer be alone. Tap Titans 2 will give you a pet but accompany you when you pass a certain level. These lovely teammates possess special skills such as healing or attacking opponents to help you defeat monsters. That makes me feel that the battle in the game makes more sense.

Graphics and sound

The graphics of Tap Titans 2 are not too impressive compared to games of the same genre. However, in terms of detail, I feel the developers have paid attention to each context. The battlefield still appears very beautiful and colorful. The monsters do not have an eye-catching appearance, but their appearance is described quite elaborately with many realistic effects.

The interface of the game has also been optimized. When all of our teammates are continuously swiping the screen, a feature has been added that minimizes the possibility of touching something on the screen and getting thrown out of the game. That is great because my constant touch screen experience is no longer a hassle.

The scene transition between the levels is quite normal, but the level of tension and the fierceness of the battlefield has been shown very successfully. Fighting with ugly monsters, using very sophisticated swords, and meticulously invested effects make my gaming experience nothing better.

The sound in the battles is always the same. After a long time playing the game, you will feel nothing new. However, this is very normal since having those sounds repeated will make it easier for you to get used to the game and fight more actively.

Download Tap Titans 2 Mod Apk for android

To defeat the strongest Titans you must reach the maximum strength and earn much money to upgrade equipment. However, not everyone can play the game continuously to get much gold. An easier way is to download Tap Titans 2.

This mod version will get you unlimited money so you can kill the strongest monsters in a quick time. There is no more pressure to earn much money to win. Players are in complete control of their time and freedom to enjoy the feeling that your Swordsman is unbeatable.

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