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Sweet Crossing: Snake.io
App Name Sweet Crossing: Snake.io
Genre Casual
Developer Moonton
Size 93.5MB
Latest Version
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update April 22, 2022 (3 months ago)

Description of Sweet Crossing: Snake.io

Sweet Crossing MOD APK, an extremely attractive casual game released by Moonton. Download the game via the link below to get the fun world experiences of pets and pastries in Sweet Crossing.

Snakes is a classic game with countless different versions and variations. Sweet Crossing is a game with similar gameplay but with beautiful 3D graphics and numerous different types of pets for players to control, promising to bring a full-fledged experience for players.


game sweet crossing snake io mod apk

Sweet Crossing gameplay is extremely simple and somewhat similar to the legendary Snake game. However, in Sweet Crossing, instead of controlling the snake to hunt, the player will control the pets to collect food. The player's task is to try to collect as much food as possible to raise the pet as well as become the player with the highest score and win.

Every time you collect food, the number of points, as well as the size of the pet, will grow. Players will need to move cleverly, collect food to avoid colliding with the tails of other opponents' pets. Because just a light touch the player will be eliminated immediately.

On the other hand, if it big enough, the player can completely control his snake siege as well as find ways to make other players bump into them to destroy them. After killing another player, another player's snake will turn into food bags, and the player can collect them to increase the size and length of their tail.

The player's manipulation in Sweet Crossing is also extremely simple. While the left part of the screen takes care of the navigation, the right part of the screen will be the option to use acceleration. Each time using speed up, the player will spend a certain amount of points depending on the size and number of points he has scored.

Each match will be on the hunt for 10 players until the player's rank down will determine the reward the player can receive after the match.

Pets and Tail

sweet crossing snake io mod

There are many types of pets in Sweet Crossing that players can collect, choose and use. After each match, if lucky, players will get lucky chests and a chance to open random pet shards. However, according to the rarity, the number of pieces to form a complete pet will vary.

In addition, when you already own a pet but you have redundant pieces, the player can use the leftovers to upgrade to increase their speed as well as their original weight.

The tail is an indispensable part of every match; it shows the number of points, the size, and the strength of the pet. Besides being able to collect food to make the tail longer, players can also use gold coins to change shape and make the tail more beautiful.

Playground - Toy Map

Sweet Crossing's field is an island floating in the clouds. With extremely large width on the island, there will be a multitude of foods of all shapes and colors. The player can control, move the pets around the island. However, do not touch the edge of the island, as the pets will fall to the ground, and the player will fail immediately.

Help Items

In addition to food, our island also has the appearance of special support items such as:

  • Magnets: used to suck food.
  • Lightning: used to reduce the number of points used for fast movement, shoes to increase movement speed.
  • Multiply by 5: to increase the score collected,
  • Gold coins: receive additional gold coins after the match,
  • Magnifying glass: increase view around

The support items help players easily score points as well as choose the right direction to move to be able to live long, eat more bait and increase their own ranking.

Sound and Graphics

sweet crossing snake io mod apk

Sweet Crossing has background music with a moderate beat, light, and cheerful melody. Sound effects in each match are full of fun in every detail, such as eating food, using acceleration, or skill effects.

The graphics of the game bring bright colors with adorable pets. The playground with a green color of grass as the main helps highlight colorful dishes that are extremely eye-catching. Effects, when pets eat, move or destroy opponents, are extremely interesting.

Download Sweet Crossing MOD APK for Android

Sweet Crossing is a great choice for fast, light entertainment. The game feels relaxing but equally thrilling, thrilling, and engaging by unexpected situations in the game. If you are a lover of games with simple gameplay but mixed with a few tactical elements, do not miss the Sweet Crossing MOD APK. With the Unlimited Money feature, this version promises to bring you the most relaxing moments.

Sweet Crossing: Snake.io Trailer

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