Stumble Guys Mod Apk 0.29 (Unlocked)

Stumble Guys
App Name Stumble Guys
Genre Action
Developer Kitka Games
Size 85.3MB
Latest Version 0.29
Mod info Unlocked
Root No
Internet Yes
Get it On com.kitkagames.fallbuddies
Update September 14, 2021 (5 days ago)

Description of Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys Mod Apk is the first game of Kitka Games Studio. Although being new in the industry and does not have any game before, this game is becoming popular and is well received thanks to its new gameplay style. In this game, the players must clear many challenges and join unlimited races with other players to aim for the top positions. 

Not only that, this game also supports online multiplayer up to 32 players, allowing them to have fun with their friends or family’s members. Having too much freetime? Getting bored on long weekends? Just install this game and let the fun take place.

Despite being unpopular in making games, Kitka Games can receive more love from fans all over the world with games like Stumble Guys.

Stumble Guys has a unique gameplay mechanic. You can choose this game to kill time or when you are free. However, to play it in online mode, you may need a stable internet connection if you don’t want to lose out of the blue.

Fun Gameplay
Fun Gameplay

Stumble Guys does not have a storyline or any special contents. It has a freestyle gameplay mechanic and the main goal is to finish first in each game.

In general, it's kind of similar to racing games. When enough players get the prizes, the remains get kick out and become losers. In the 32 players’ running, Stumble Guys has 16 places for the winners. The other 16 will get lower prizes and will not have staking points for ranking.

Clear Difficult Challenges
Clear Difficult Challenges

Stumble Guys has a variety map system. Each map represents a challenge players have to face. The traps and obstacles will be in the most obscure places for reckless players to be brought back to the start.

I found the map system of the game very interesting. When the race starts, the map will be chosen randomly. The elements always change to not get the players bored. And having the accidents along makes the race more fun than ever.

In fact, there are less players who make it to the finish line on the first try. Most of the eager players get caught in accidents either by a snowball to the depth or a fall to a sloppy ramp.

Customize your Character

Even though the character system of Stumble Guys is not the best or most realistic like others 3D games, they look adorable. Players can also customize their appearance to create a unique character.

The default character is a young man with a cap and casual clothes. He looks simple enough, and if you want him to look cooler, you can buy him a new haircut to replace the old cap. Change the casual clothes to a suit or hip hop style clothes.

Stumble Guys also has others fancy Skin set, allows you to be an Officer, a Cowboy, or even a Wizard.

Intense Competitions
Intense Competitions

In a massively multiplayer party knockout game with up to 32 players’ online, the competitions will be more intense than ever. Despite not having fighting elements or foul plays, the maps contain many traps, easy to get caught in accidents.

If the players get caught in accidents, they will be brought back to the start. The game will end if there are 16 winners.

It is wise for the players to move carefully, remember: slow but steady. Stumble Guys’ only goal is that you reach the finish line. There is no First place or Second place. That is also how you stack up the ranking points to name yourself on the Hall of Fame.

Ranking System

Most of the players enjoy having in the top positions at the end of the game. Maybe not the first place but anywhere in the first 16 winners is enough. Stumble Guys highly appraises players who are able to keep high scores throughout the intense ending of the races. Players might be kick out of the race due to many factors: obstacles, traps or moving to the wrong directions.

The MOD APK Version of Stumble Guys

The Modded Version of Stumble Guys unlocked all the Skins. When downloaded the Modded version, you can unlock all of the Skin in the game. You can freely explore and try out any skin you want and can clear the map easier. In addition, the skins can help you move and fly faster than other players.

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