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SimCity BuildIt
App Name SimCity BuildIt
Genre Simulation
Developer Electronic Arts
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Update September 15, 2021 (4 days ago)

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Description of SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt is another successful sequel of The Sim series by Electronic Arts. If you are a fan of the simulation genre like I am, then EA and their Sims are no strangers anymore.

Released in October 2014, SimCity BuildIt has received both positive and negative criticisms from gamers and reviewers worldwide. However, it does not change the fact that SimCity has been downloaded more than 100 million times and received over 5 million reviews on Play Store only. So, what are the reasons behind this beyond-expectation success? Keep reading.

The Storyline, If There Is Any
The Storyline, If There Is Any

What do I mean by that? As a simulation game, the hot stuff of SimCity BuildIt does not come from the story but from the gameplay itself. Anyway, if there is any story behind it, then it must be like this:

You have just been given a piece of land and become its mayor. Your job is to build the best city possible, outshining all the neighboring towns and climbing the rank of Top SimCities in the world. However, it never goes as smoothly as that. Along the way, your city will face many catastrophic events, both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial. Will you triumph over those events, or will your city be left in ruins?

Build Your City

Similar to other simulation building games, SimCity BuildIt does offer basic functions such as building infrastructures and improving the living standard of residents. What makes the game different is how you actually carry it out.

Shape Your City Logically
Shape Your City Logically

All the buildings in SimCity BuildIt can be categorized into either residential, industrial, or commercial sections. Your job is to shape your city as logically as possible. For instance, you cannot place a factory behind the residential zone, nor can you move a hydropower plant to the mainland.

Apart from building logically, you must fully equip your residential zones with the water system, electricity network, fire station, waste treatment system, etc. Remember, once you have built up your city, the only way to fix anything is by razing them to the ground. Thus, my advice to you is to plan everything at the very moment you play the game. Section your town into particular zones will help reduce the extra works.

One more thing. As I have previously mentioned, your city will suffer from catastrophic events from time to time. You will need sufficient resources to fix the buildings, or they will be burned down. To prepare enough materials for these unwanted surprises, you can either manage your stocks smartly or trade them with other online mayors. Yes, you can trade resources using the exchange system.

The Price Is Right

SimCity BuildIt features an exchange system, where you can barter your goods for other necessities or sell them for Simoleons. This is a nice touch to the game, as you can actually coordinate with other players from around the world, rather than playing the game on single-player mode. There is still room for improvement, but at least it brings a fresh breeze to the same old simulation system.


There are several in-game currencies, which are:

  • Simoleons: The basic money in the game. You can get Simoleons by upgrading buildings, exchanging resources, and selling stocks. Or, you can buy Simoleons directly with SimCash.
  • SimCash: Obtainable only through real purchases (don’t hype for those free SimCash rewards, they are merely drops in the bucket). SimCash can be used to buy items, upgrade buildings instantly, etc.
  • Golden Key: Obtainable by completing shipments or disaster challenges.
    Platinum Key: Claimable through the Mayor’s Contest only and cannot be purchased.

Graphics and Design
Graphics and Design

We love all The Sim series from Electronic Arts mainly because of their picturesque graphics. As part of The Sim family, SimCity BuildIt carries this tradition with stunning 3D arts and animations. You can zoom in and see the life of all your residents as realistic as on a TV show. The game also has day/night effects, as well as seasonal changes with each update. Indeed, EA always tries to bring users the most authentic experience, and this is one of their most vivid proofs.

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