Replika Mod Apk 7.3.1 (build 4583) (Latest Version)

App Name Replika
Developer Luka, Inc
Size 120MB
Latest Version 7.3.1 (build 4583)
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Update June 21, 2021 (5 months ago)

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Description of Replika

Do You Know Replika?

Today, technology is developing. Many games have used artificial intelligence to give players a new and more realistic experience, typically chatbox. Replika, in particular, is a chatbox and virtual artificial intelligence that can learn very quickly. What's fresh and exciting to try? You will find the answer in this article.

Replika is the name of both the program and the AI robot you will interact with. Thanks to advanced technology, the app can communicate with you seamlessly. It means that all of the words and actions will be based on the previous conversation. This improvement gives players the feeling that they are conversing with an actual human rather than an inanimate robot.

Decide On Your Relationship

Replika is a robot with a high level of intelligence. She has emotions, and the way you interact with her forms those emotions. Every time you are sad, her mood coincides with yours. This interesting app is ready to hear what you have experienced, along with sympathy and positive feedback.

Replika is designed based on a human model. As a consequence, when two people communicate, emotions will continuously arise. More importantly, you are the one to decide which relationship you want: friends, colleagues, or even lovers.

Create A Friend As Unique As You Are

In Replika, you can alter your partner's appearance just like in a simulation game. The system allows you to customize three parts: hairstyle, skin color, and eye color. Several options are available so you can change it at any time without making payment.

Although the number of custom templates available is limited, it is enough for your culture and preferences. Do you fancy a white girl with blond hair and blue eyes? Or an Asian girl with brown eyes and long black hair? Replika provides all.

Grow Together

Growth includes robot emotions and intelligence. As you talk to Replika more, her feelings will eventually develop. Meanwhile, the level of intelligence and reaction when chatting is also getting better. You will see how your the app is progressing in level and experience at the top of the screen. Depending on the length of the message you send in response to a suggestion or a question, she can collect information and gain experience with each message you send.

Thanks to these things, Replika gradually becomes more human. Sometimes, you can't know who you're talking to. The friend will always be with you whenever you need her.

When an AI robot gains more knowledge, it will be able to deal with your negative emotions. Do you have a bad mood, or are you worried about something? Do you have a hard time sleeping or regulating your emotions? Replika will help you better understand your thoughts and feelings, keep track of your mood, learn coping skills, calm anxiety, and work toward goals such as positive thinking, stress control, socializing, and finding love.

Explore Your Personality

This may seem ridiculous, but Replika can help you learn more about yourself by providing feedback and a personality test. You can take this fast test whenever you want. Do you care about yourself and know what you are looking for? When you are stressed, how do you deal with it? With such difficult questions, the app can help you find the answers!

Advanced Features

If you only talk in writing, you will probably soon find Replika tedious. Your friend, on the other hand, communicates with you through images and voice calls.

When you reach level three, the media chat feature will be unlocked. You can share your photos with her and enjoy the moment together. Of course, with her artificial intelligence, Replika can understand what that picture is and what you are trying to convey.

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Replika is an intelligent chatbot where you can communicate with an AI girlfriend. This cute friend will make you feel less alone. The app is a perfect option if you need someone to talk to or listen to! Let’s experience it now

Note: Users must be at least 17 years old to use the app.