Radio Commander Mod Apk 1.426 (Updating)

Radio Commander
App Name Radio Commander
Genre Strategy
Developer Games Operators S.A.
Size 48.5MB
Latest Version 1.426
Mod info Updating
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Update October 07, 2021 (1 months ago)

Description of Radio Commander

Radio Commander APK is known as a tactical RPG that was developed by Games Operators SA. Here, you will become an intelligence soldier on the battlefield. Specifically, you will lead the US platoons and participate in the Vietnam War in the mid-20th century.

Violence, racism, cruelty, and vulgarity, that's what Radio Commander reappeared. It is true to say that this game depicts the harsh reality of a meaningless battle. This game may not be suitable for people under 16 years old.


Coming to this game, you will play as a radio intelligence soldier. Nicknamed "Papa Bear", your mission is to command two armies of Alpha and Bravo in an old shack away from the front line, along with radio and a map of the area. You need to know the enemy's location, then map and broadcast radio to the army. As a commander, you need to give precise commands and try to minimize casualties for your team.

Your radio has the ability to handle simple commands. You need to press the SPACEBAR to turn on the radio, press the number of units for which you want to receive reports or commands.

When you spot enemies, they are indicated by symbols and you can see them move. Place markers of enemy troops to track their movements. If something is out of the ordinary, you can promptly notify your platoon.

On the other hand, you will be provided with essential information such as the number of people injured, military status, and more. In the event of an emergency, you can replace the commander and notify everyone to evacuate.


You can completely build your campaign to your liking. Specifically, you can increase or decrease the difficulty/level of each battle.

You can face many dangerous situations such as radio malfunction, wrong coordinates, loss of soldiers. As a result, you will have a more thrilling and exciting experience. In addition, this customization feature also makes it easier for newbies to access this game.

The Battles Are Portrayed Authentically

Radio Commander brings you intense battles, simulating the intense atmosphere of war.

Radio Commander sometimes displays false information, which can be difficult for you. In addition to being notified, you can also chat with your teammates over the radio. Hence, it is true to say that Radio Commander did a great job in building a real battlefield experience.

Graphics and Sound

Radio Commander is designed in 3D style, the scenes are extremely meticulous and detailed.

The publisher is also very careful about the sound part. You can even feel the sound of planes hum above your head and the sound of bullets and gunshots in the distance.

Download Radio Commander MOD APK for Android

In general, Radio Commander MOD APK gives you a real war experience. Download this game to feel the chaos and devastation of war. Don't forget that we still have a lot of other interesting games. You can see more here.

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