QANDA mod 5.1.1 No Mod

App Name QANDA
Genre Education
Developer Mathpresso
Size 36.5MB
Latest Version 5.1.1
Mod info No Mod
Update January 14, 2022 (5 months ago)

Description of QANDA

Download QANDA APK to improve your math knowledge every day. This is one of the fastest and most convenient applications to help you learn math right on your Android phone.

What is QANDA?

If you do not know what QANDA is, this is the most popular Korean application that applies advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This application will help you learn how to solve math problems easily and effectively right on your Android phone without going to the center or school or wasting time searching for solutions.

Basically, QANDA stands for QUESTION AND ANSWER, the name of the application also somewhat tells how it works, which is to help you find answers (exact or similar) based on the question. Keep reading to learn about how this fun app works.

How does QANDA Work?

The way this app works is easy to understand, you just need to use the app's camera to collect letters, numbers, math, or paper text to search for answers. However, this application will not return the exact results but it will look for the same problems/questions of other users on the forums and return the results for you. This will help you refer to more answers and access many different mathematical solutions, instead of just following a single method. Compared to Photomath, I prefer this QANDA approach.

The Best Homework Support Platform

Using QANDA, you can refer to the knowledge and solutions of exercises for three levels of education: elementary, middle, and high school. When you first start the app you can choose the right grade and class for you. Based on what you provide, the system will filter the content to find results faster. Not only does this help you with math, but it also has a large community to help you solve problems related to natural sciences like physics and chemistry. Besides, the community of millions of users of this application will help you to solve the difficult times. Isn't it wonderful?

English Translation Tool

In addition to the function to help you solve math problems, this application can also help you translate or look up English words effectively. All you need to do is take a snapshot of the English text you want to translate with the camera. The app will instantly scan your text and return the meaning to you. According to users, QANDA works a lot better than Google Translate. Or experience and make your own judgment!

Q&A with Tutors

In case you do not find the answer or do not understand the solution to your problem, QANDA has a large community of tutors - where you can directly ask questions and get the most detailed answers. To use this feature, simply swipe from the search icon to the question icon and then take a photo of the question.

Then you need to choose additional information such as what class knowledge and subject and post any additional notes or pictures related to the question. Next, the system will give you a suitable tutor to solve your problem. However, you will have to pay 1500 coins to 2000 coins for a tutor if you want to use this feature.

Download the QANDA APK for Android

This app not only helps you find the solution to your problem, from the most common questions to the toughest problems. Download and install QANDA today using the link we provide here.

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