Project Makeover Mod Apk 2.20.1 (Unlimited Money)

Project Makeover
App Name Project Makeover
Genre Casual
Developer Magic Tavern, Inc.
Size 224.1MB
Latest Version 2.20.1
Mod info Unlimited Money
Root Yes
Internet Yes
Get it On com.bgg.jump
Update September 15, 2021 (1 months ago)

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Description of Project Makeover

Project Makeover is a game loved by many people and released by Bubblegum Games. When playing this game, you will act as a director, designer for famous stars, and your mission is to make them stand out and gorgeous every time you go to an or on a red carpet event. This game gives not only players fun puzzles but also a story that takes place throughout all activities in the entertainment industry.

Join the game to start your career and become one of the top designers!

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Solve Match-3 Puzzles

To create gorgeous hairstyles and makeup for your famous stars in Project Makeover you must complete match 3 puzzles. The gameplay is also very easy, you just need to match the objects of the same color in the board into vertical rows, horizontal rows, T shapes, L or U letters to clear them from the board and score yourself. When you can delete four to five objects of the same color at once, it helps you to delete an entire row, column, or object from the table. 

Project Makeover will have no time limit, so you can think twice before wasting a useless move. Or you can also do calculations to generate strength, which gives you the ability to pass levels more often.

If you have passed the turn and still do not meet the requirements of the game, you are lost. But there is still a chance for you when you can use 5 gems to change 5 moves. However, this is not a wise way to win. Try to observe and upgrade your strength to pass the levels.

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Become a Professional Fashion Designer

After completing the match-3 puzzle in Project Makeover, you will receive a certain bonus amount. The bonus money you have received can be used to makeup, style hair, and choose outfits for your models. This is also an opportunity for you to show your own style. Choose trendy outfits, trendy hairstyles to make your famous star the most attractive.

Explore the Characters and Their Stories in Project Makeover
Explore the Characters and Their Stories in Project Makeover

Project Makeover will have many levels; as you go through each level, you will meet special characters, each of whom you meet has its own interesting stories. A singer just starting out, a demanding client or even a talented actress wants you to find her the best outfits.

Besides, you can also date celebrities and become the exclusive designer of a certain star or become a famous designer who regularly appears in top magazines.

Decorate your Studio

Your workspace in Project Makeover is also the place where you can turn it into a more beautiful and stylish space. Because when you start the game, you just have an old, messy, and moldy room. Try to turn it into a room with a beautiful design and more professional to welcome the most demanding guests.

Game Graphics
Game Graphics

I have seen the investment in graphics of Bubblegum Games in this game for easy reasons: Project Makeover is a fashion game! You will see in-game images with sharp 3D graphics and bright, harmonious colors. The characters in the game are also very well designed. They will become more beautiful after visiting your studio.

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