Pokémon Masters EX Mod Apk 2.9.0 (Unlimited Money)

Pokémon Masters EX
App Name Pokémon Masters EX
Genre Role Playing
Developer DeNA Co., Ltd.
Size 84MB
Latest Version 2.9.0
Mod info Unlimited Money
Get it On com.dena.a12026418
Update June 11, 2021 (5 months ago)

Description of Pokémon Masters EX

Pokémon Masters EX Mod Apk is DeNa's latest release attracting many players around the world. This is a famous Japanese publisher with many attractive anime titles such as Guilty Crown, Attack On Titan: Tatics, The Alchemist Code. Let's find out this interesting game with its special features through our review.

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About Pokémon Masters EX

Surely Pokémon is an image that has been associated with the childhood of many of us through the game and the famous manga and anime series. In the Anime, the main character Ash will join the other pokemon on an adventure. His starter Pokemon is Pikachu and will appear after that. Besides, Pokémon Masters EX owns many genomes of Pokemon, similar to anime. Not only that, but the game also has many interesting points waiting for you to discover. Check out this fascinating game through my review.

Adventure with Friends and Pokémon

Like in the anime you've seen before, Pikachu is your starting pokemon along with two companions, Misty and Brock. Accompany you not only two friends, but also their pokemon, Onix, and Starmie.

Pokémon Masters EX allows you to create your own character, not by default. You have to play the character Ash as in the story. However, the original version of the story will remain intact. Your main task is to explore with friends and Pokemon to explore different lands to collect and train pokemon.

There will be many difficulties and challenges on the way ahead, bravely overcome it and become the world's top coach.

Train your Pokémon

In Pokémon Masters EX, you will have two companions training pokemon, so you not only train your pokemon but also train those who accompany you to be able to turn your team into excellent trainers. Besides, during the game, you can change your partner according to your own preference.

The fighting form of the game is 3vs3, so you can use 3 pokemon. They can both fight and support each other. You should regularly train your pokemon to improve combat and easily win. The combat mode in the game is still the old format, which is turn-based combat.

Each pokemon has the skills they possess, be it attack, defense, or support. When a pokemon's HP drops to 0, it will no longer be able to fight and lose consciousness. In order to win, your pokemon must last until the end.

Real-time Match

The real-time match game is a real battle genre that requires players to have good thinking. This game requires you to come up with a specific battle in order to have a chance to win. While other games with similar themes are played in 1vs1 format, Pokémon Masters EX allows you to play 3 Pokemon. So, you will have to calculate and use the right skills to defeat your opponent.

Image and Sound Quality

The graphics in Pokémon Masters EX are an important factor that made me choose this game to play. This is one of the highly-rated games for quality graphics, the characters in the game are beautifully designed, detailed and cute pokemon. Besides, every time you join the battle, the amazing skills shown will make you feel amazed.

In addition, attractive sound effects and background music are incorporated into the game giving players the opportunity to enjoy the most realistic sound experiences. Besides, you will find those familiar songs from many previous Pokemon games on Pokemon Master. The conversations integrated into the game also create an attraction of this game.

Download the Pokémon Masters EX APK for Android

Pokémon Masters EX is definitely an ideal game for pokemon fans. Download and install on your Android device to begin the journey to become a talented Pokemon trainer. In the Mod version that we give you, you will enjoy unlimited money. From there, you can use this money to do everything you want in the game.