Plague Inc. mod + apk 1.19.10 All Unlocked

Plague Inc.
App Name Plague Inc.
Genre Simulation
Developer Miniclip Com
Size 81.7Mb
Latest Version 1.19.10
Mod info All Unlocked
Update July 29, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Description of Plague Inc.

Plague Inc: Becoming a Villain Is Easier Than Ever!

It must be agreed that in many popular movies, there are many powerful villains. Most of them always want to destroy the earth with their terrible power. Confess me that you once aspired to be one of those villains and attack humanity, didn't you?

Many games are based on heroic characters. It is therefore difficult to find games built for villains. Now this idea has been put into Plague Inc. This game is developed by It is an attractive game that allows you to play the role of a villain. Thanks to that, you can develop dangerous viruses. They will invade and infect the world in many ways.

Plague Inc is available for free at FunnyMod. Let's take a closer look at this game.

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Unique Gameplay

This attractive game also levels 3 different levels of play including: Easy, Medium, Hard. Each level will have different characteristics. For example, when playing at a difficult level, mankind is aware of prevention as well as building a vaccine research facility. Therefore, you need to make a very strong virus strain. Besides, Plague Inc simulates a miniature earth quite in detail with each area where the disease is spreading.

Various Viruses Are Available

This game has many types of pathogens and they are divided into different categories such as viruses, bacteria, parasites, even chemical weapons. You need to use them properly to create dangerous pathogens.

Try to Create New Pathogens

Plague Inc lets you track the status and figures of the pathogen on the map. In addition, you can see the progress of the vaccine facilities to deal with you. You can also see the figures of deaths due to the epidemic on the screen.

To make the disease more dangerous, you can create pathogens in many different ways, then they will cause more deaths. You also need to pay attention to the different regions. Weather and environmental conditions will greatly affect the pathogen generation and spread.

In particular, Plague Inc allows you to improve the pathogens you create. To find out where your pathogens need improvement, you can read the daily newspaper for up-to-date information. Let's try to improve the pathogen to make vaccine development more difficult. 

Main Features

Plague Inc has some impressive features, including:

  • Beautiful HD graphics with a simple and very fun interface. The map can be easily enlarged and zoomed out;
  • Built in the real world with lots of countries for you to explore. The AI of the game is advanced design;
  • Players can update many other viruses such as Speed Runs, Neurax Worm, Zombie, Necroa Virus, etc;
  • Many popular languages are added to the game such as English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean and Russian;
  • There are many types of diseases with rich strategies available.

Download Plague Inc MOD APK Now!

Download Plague Inc MOD APK (All Unlocked) right now to start spreading germs everywhere with different types of diseases. Get ready to be an evil scientist specializing in pathogens, causing them to spread around the world, killing so many people. The game is entertaining to help you have moments of relaxation. 

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