Pascal's Wager Mod Apk 1.1.0 (Updating)

Pascal's Wager
App Name Pascal's Wager
Genre Action
Developer Giant Global
Size 71.1MB
Latest Version 1.1.0
Mod info Updating
Root No
Internet Yes
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Update September 14, 2021 (5 days ago)

Description of Pascal's Wager

Overview of Pascal's Wager 

Pascal's Wager (Full Fixed License) is an action game released by Giant Global. Currently, it is still loved by many players for its attraction, originality in gameplay and many other features.

Pascal's Wager is set in a world without the sun. Compared to games of the same genre, this game is highly appreciated by professionals. The plot, graphics, combat effects, controls of this game are also rated at a good level.

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When the world first formed, humans were always subject to the brutal domination of darkness. However, human life completely changed when Colossus, the god of light, appeared. At that time, people had adorned this god as well as turned to places where there is light to live. Unfortunately, after Marred's attack, Colossus's light gradually weakened and mysteriously disappeared. A postman named Terrence said this was related to his wife's disappearance. Thus, he begins to search for her, and your journey begins


Although Pascal's Wager has a rather complicated storyline, its gameplay seems pretty straightforward. You will start by choosing a favorite character, then accompany that character in the journey to find the missing wife, and explore the mysteries of this world.

In particular, you can use two characters at the same time. In the event of a death, you can control the other character to continue fighting. You can also use a combination of two characters to diversify your strategy. In each different level, the challenges for you are also completely different. Hence, it is true to say that there is no perfect strategy for all levels.

.The control mechanism of Pascal's Wager is quite simple with a virtual joystick integrated on the left side of the screen. Meanwhile, the function buttons on the right such as slashing, sliding, blocking will help the character develop skills and defense. Also, the HP bar and the power bar is located at the bottom of the screen, instead of above. Overall, the control panel of this game is quite neat, this will help provide an airy experience space for players to get the maximum viewing angle.

Character System

In addition to the postman Terrence, you can also own many other characters who possess extremely unique skills. For example, Viola is a mysterious gunner who was rescued by Terrence from Sendril. In addition, Norwood is also a special character that you will definitely like. He is a nimble assassin with great skill. The proof is that even if he lost an arm, he could kill a Marred.

The Graphics & Sound: Very Great!

With detailed 3D graphics, Pascal's Wager easily simulates a dark, cold, and ruined world truly. There is no denying that Giant Global has done very well with the graphics of this game. Although some of the effects are not really perfect, overall, Pascal's Wager is still really great to please anyone. Besides, you will enjoy cutscenes with great angles, in accordance with the pace of the game.

As for the soundtrack, the game maker really  did well. It is an important factor that makes the game experience more vivid as well as the emotional orientation of the gamer along the way. In addition, the character's voice or storyteller also contributes significantly to the success of this game.

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