Otherworld Legends mod 1.13.3 Unlimited Money/Unlocked

Otherworld Legends
App Name Otherworld Legends
Genre Action
Developer Chillyroom
Size 661MB
Latest Version 1.13.3
Mod info Unlimited Money/Unlocked
Update August 18, 2022 (1 days ago)

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Description of Otherworld Legends

Otherworld Legends can quickly help you entertain and use unlimited amounts, upgrade to full features, which can be great for newcomers. ChillyRoom is a publisher known for these 16-bit graphic action games. Until now, the role-playing game genres have always been enthusiastically welcomed by gamers. Especially the games with unique, exciting, and randomly generated storylines. In which, Otherworld Legends is a typical game created with such a plot. When participating in the game, you will experience many places.

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Game Story, Ways to Play, and Features 

Otherworld Legends story begins with the villain Asurendra creating an illusionary world. He used his powers to summon all heroes from space and time. You are one of those heroes! Monsters, deadly traps are arranged everywhere. 

Players will control the character through railways and dungeons to defeat hordes of monsters. Over time, the bosses of each level will appear at the end. After that, you will be taken to the next stage, one step further out of the imaginary world of the evil Asurendra.

The difficulty will increase with each level. At that time, traps and supernatural elements will appear, attack the characters and injure them. You will have to do many things to save your life, from choosing characters for each level of play, upgrading strength, or replacing more potent weapons.

Otherworld Legends is built with a systematic mission system, sticking to the storyline. You just need to discover the content and get a reward each time you complete it.

The characters in the game are a factor to help you win the confrontation. They come from different dimensions of space and time, so they are truly unique and rich. The collection includes warriors, knights, mages, ninjas, archers up to magic masters. You should learn the strengths of each character, then choose the characters with the proper fighting ability at each level.

Otherworld Legends has more than 90 types of items that you can collect and equip your character with. They can be armor, defensive shields, weapons, or material fragments.

Besides, when participating in the game, do not ignore the received items. Go ahead and collect them as much as possible for yourself. Because these items will be combined according to a specific patent recipe, in this way, you will invent a weapon that will suit your fighting style.

As you progress, other world maps are also unlocked, giving you an endless supply of recent locations to explore and fight against your enemies.

Some of the most exciting features in the game include the ability to transfer your powers between you and the heroes you have chosen. You can also buy new items from the stores and use them to increase your arsenal and defense.

There are particular items called boosters that you can buy that can either increase certain heroes’ power or allow them to take down stronger and more dangerous enemies. When playing Otherworld Legends, the choices are up to you. The battle is challenging and rewarding, and it's the thrill of overcoming your fear that will keep you coming back for more.

Another significant change is an increase in the amount of in-game currency you can buy as you progress through the game. Knowing how the currency system works in Otherworld Legends can be very helpful when you try to get past the game. The in-game currency is used to unlock new areas, buy unique items, and equip new weapons for your heroes.

Smooth Graphics Worth Trying

Smooth Graphics Worth Trying

Many players believe that the 16-bit graphics platform is less attractive and does not provide a good experience. However, Otherworld Legends does better than we thought it would.

The game’s characteristic is 16-bit graphics, not many sharp details, but its effects are designed in detail. From sources of energy, light, fire, or thunder will make players feel excited. This factor contributes significantly to simulating the fierce battle.

Also, the game handles smooth motion, combined with the background music to create a mystery and full of danger.

What Are Special Features in the MOD version?

What Are Special Features in the MOD version?

Currency in Otherworld Legends MOD includes gold, which can be used to buy new weapons, armor, and special spells. Also, another feature available is free gems. Gems are earned each time an enemy is defeated, and free gems in battle can give the hero more power. The free gems also help players get rarer and better weapons.

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