One Night at Flumpty's Mod Apk 1.1.6 (No)

One Night at Flumpty's
App Name One Night at Flumpty's
Genre Simulation
Developer Clickteam Usa Llc
Size 42.3MB
Latest Version 1.1.6
Mod info No
Root Yes
Internet Yes
Get it On com.clickteam.onaf1
Update August 30, 2021 (1 months ago)

Description of One Night at Flumpty's

One Night at Flumpty's is the latest horror game from Clickteam USA for the Android platform. The main character in this game is an egg named Flumpty. Despite his harmless and adorable appearance, Flumpty is a devil who loves taking other people's lives into games. The creators of One Night at Flumpty's have revealed that Five Nights at Freddy's inspired them to create this game. As a result, the gameplay is quite similar to the popular horror game series mentioned above. However, there are some differences in this game.



Flumpty likes kidnapping other people. Nobody knows why he does that. Maybe he is too lonely, or he wants to kill. After successfully kidnapping an unfortunate one, he will force the victim to play a "hide and seek" game. You will be hider while Flumpty and his gang will find you. Besides, Flumpty is not the only villain. He has some accomplices: Birthday Boy Blam, The Redman, The Beaver. If you get caught, you will die. And if you successfully survive until 6 am the following day, you will become Flumpty's best friend.


Initially, you will be taken to a closed room. This is a place where Flumpty and his gang can't go. The only entrance is two electric doors. You will have to keep an eye on the camera screen. By watching the characters moving on the screen, you prevent the characters from going to your shelter by closing the door. Keep in mind that the door's energy is low. So, to avoid wasting energy, you must have an intelligent strategy for how and when to use it.

Small Tips For Players

Small Tips For Players

The bottom line is that you keep track of Flumpty and his friends' every move and always have the most up-to-date information about the rooms. If Flumpty leaves the space room, you need to predict which direction he will go in. East Hall or West Hall?

There are seven cameras for seven different areas of the building. In particular, Flumpty always made his first appearance in Cam 1 with a friendly face. When you will see his eyes and face gradually change, it means that he's about to move into your room. Using the camera data, you can close the doors in the left or right of the room, depending on which way Flumpty is going. You can also distract them by turning on the lights.

Furthermore, The Redman will begin at Cam 3 and will usually depart at 3 am. The cameras fail due to his red light. As a result, if the camera fails, you will know where The Redman is.

Besides, The Beaver is a character sitting in the toilet reading a newspaper. After 1 AM, he would drop the newspaper and stare at the camera. You can know when he leaves by noticing the shrinking toilet paper roll.

Differences From Five Night At Freddy's

The Five Night at Freddy's has been divided into several nights. The later nights are more challenging than the earlier ones. On the contrary, One Night at Flumpty's only had one night, and things will gradually get more difficult.

One Night at Flumpty's doesn't have a guide for newbies, nor does it tell players the mechanics of nighttime.

If Five Night at Freddy's has limited power to the whole building, One Night at Flumpty's only provides little power to the doors. The light only goes out when Flumpty and his pals deliberately turn off the power.

Graphics And Audio

Graphics And Audio

One Night at Flumpty's has been designed in 2D cartoonish style with the primary colors of black and purple. They don't appear to be scary at first glance, and Flumpty is even cute. However, after a bad night in a mysterious room that is very bleak with some messy items thrown away, you will have different thoughts.

With the simple sound but appear overwhelmingly accompanied by frame transition, the players will feel that they are watching a horror movie.

Player Experience

The game received a lot of positive feedback from users with a rating of 4.5/5 and more than 5,000 downloads on CH Play. Many people say that it is scary and funny. They get enjoyable experiences while playing this game. However, some gamers also say that the game is not smooth and find it a bit difficult to control.

Download One Night at Flumpty's APK for Android

For fans of horror games, don't miss One Night at Flumpty's APK's. You will shake with fear when playing it. It costs $1.99 on Google Play; however, you can download the game's APK file for free.

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