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Update April 25, 2021 (6 months ago)

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Description of Oceanhorn

Despite being released a long time ago, Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas still surprises me every time I look at it. The game offers an in-depth action role-playing experience, with many familiar mechanics from the Legend of Zelda series. However, this is still a different game, with its own characteristics and appeals. The journey to destroy the legendary sea monster Oceanhorn begins now!

Oceanhorn: Rise of the Young Hero

Oceanhorn: Rise of the Young Hero

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas tells the story of an unknown young hero. One day, when he woke up, he found out that his father had disappeared. The only thing his father left behind was a diary with a letter telling him about the sea monster Oceanhorn he was chasing. It turns out, this monster killed his mother in the past, and his father determined to destroy it so that it could no longer harm anyone. Now, that responsibility is passed on to our protagonist. Will he be able to fulfill his mission? Will he be able to find his missing father again? All will be revealed in this title.


The game will start the following day after the boy wakes up. You will be guided through some specific actions to introduce the control mechanism and to-do tasks. After completing the tutorial, you will control the boy on the way to find his missing father.

The gameplay of Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas is heavily influenced by the Legend of Zelda series. However, the developer has cleverly integrated this influence into the game, creating its edges. Basically, every island the player visits contains puzzles that need to be solved, some simple battles; the rest are adventures and exploration. Each island is built relatively large and divided into many different floors. However, the game still has a pretty big problem, which is the movement mechanism.

Control Mechanism

Control Mechanism

Your character cannot initially jump back and forth between spaces like in other RPGs. In many cases, accidentally letting a character fall to a lower level is extremely frustrating. You need to solve the problem of moving between floors, with only one principle: from the top floor, you can fall to lower floors, but not the lowest ones. This factor, combined with the game’s fixed perspective, makes navigating or moving between caves quite a hassle.

On the other hand, moving from higher floors to lower floors sometimes makes the character stuck, unable to escape. The solution is usually to exit the game and then return to the nearest save game. This can be seen as an advantage of the game because Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas always saves right before entering a new environment. Your character can jump long distances later on, but you have experienced almost half of the game by then. However, the developer has cleverly placed treasure chests in locations that you can see but cannot reach. This makes you think hard to unlock them, increasing the challenge in the game.

Monster Fights

Besides solving puzzles and exploring the world, your main task is to destroy monsters along the way, especially the Oceanhorn. The game uses an automatic targeting system, so you can both move and attack continuously. The monsters in the game often appear individually, so you won't have much difficulty in defeating them all.

The bosses in the game are creatively designed and are an exciting challenge for players. They are not too strong, but finding the weak points to defeat them is not easy. It is pretty funny that sometimes monsters are even more difficult to fight than bosses because they are dominant in number and very dangerous. For example, Goblins and Undead Skeletons will attack continuously, cornering the player and taking up a long time to kill. Even worse, monsters will reappear in areas you've just passed, but destroying them still gives you money and exp.

Audio and Graphics

Audio and Graphics

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas graphics are built on a 3D platform, promising to bring players the best experience. And indeed, I am highly impressed with what the game has brought. The world in the game is extraordinarily vivid and colorful, with majestic landscapes, endless flower fields, vast oceans, etc. Characteristic cartoon style, quite similar to Legend of Zelda. The only thing I wasn't quite satisfied with was the characters' facial expressions; they are pretty rigid and do not differ much from one another. However, that does not affect the player's in-game experience too much.

Music is an excellent plus for this game, with over 30 different soundtracks from author Kenji and Nobuo Uematsu (composer for Final Fantasy X). Each scene has outstanding background music for players to enjoy, making the game extremely relaxing.

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