Ninja’s Creed Mod Apk 2.4.1 (Unlimited Money)

Ninja’s Creed
App Name Ninja’s Creed
Genre Action
Developer 707 INTERACTIVE
Size 129MB
Latest Version 2.4.1
Mod info Unlimited Money
Root Yes
Internet Yes
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Update September 15, 2021 (1 months ago)

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Description of Ninja’s Creed

Ninja's Creed released by 707 Interactive is a surreal 3D comic title. This is a game for those who love the legend of individuals or mercenaries specializing in secret activities that existed in Japanese history.

When playing this game, players will be involved in an assassin guild with top assassination skills and perform high-difficulty missions. You will play this game in the first - person with specially designed weapons. Besides, this Game has a stealthy play error, which means you will have to hide your identity and perform secret missions. Download Ninja's Creed today to experience the feeling of being a true ninja.

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Ninja's Creed opens a story about a ninja's journey to destroy the mafia gangs. The city where ninjas live is under the control of gangsters. That causes security and order in this place to be turned upside down; people always have to live in fear when the law does not seem to exist. This young Ninja's family member is one of the innocent victims of gangsters. Because of seeing, he was determined to avenge his family members while also burning intentions to eliminate these evil gangs to restore peace to the city.

Attractive Gameplay
Attractive Gameplay

When you look at the gameplay of this game, you will feel similar to Hitman Sniper and Sniper 3D. However, in Ninja's Creed's, you will see a more thorough investment in context to the plot.

At the beginning of the mission, you will be taken to a specific location and find targets to destroy the system assigned to. When completing the mission, you will receive some cash, achievements, and experience points to help you level up easily.

The system will suggest you on a few lines of text describing the target you need to destroy, for example: The man in dark glasses is holding a suitcase or the man is on the phone. Note that you are not allowed to kill the wrong person, if that happens, you will be arrested, and the mission ends. Therefore, you must always pay close attention and remember the suggestions that the system made earlier in order to target correctly.

As you play for longer, the difficulty of Ninja's Creed increases. There are cases where the system will require you to destroy the target in a short amount of time, or you will encounter a lot of obstacles appearing on the map. At the same time, make use of your good aiming skills to be able to complete the task easily. Besides, choosing a suitable weapon is also essential.

Destroying your target by turning off the disorienting lights or separating the chain that hangs the box or iron box to create an accident are also great ideas.

In-Game Features
In-Game Features

Discover the features offered in Ninja's Creed to get your experience to the fullest.


In case you kill the wrong target, the person you need to kill in the case and hide behind other bodyguards will make your mission even more difficult. Therefore, you will need to use Eagle-Eyes to aim at enemies at a longer range.

Weapon Upgrades

In addition to using Eagle-Eyes to make the mission easier, you can also upgrade your weapons. The upgrade process can cost quite a lot of money that you earned before; however, it will give the weapon you use has a great reload speed, attack speed, higher damage, and can be aimed at longer ranges.

Ninja's Creed offers players three unique weapons series that ninjas often use: Hidden Weapon, Bow, and Twin Crossbow. Each type has different strengths and weaknesses; depending on the terrain on the map, you can choose for yourself the most suitable weapon.

Unlock and Upgrade the Power of Weapons

This will give you the edge to become a professional assassin and inquest.

New Game Modes

Ninja's Creed has added some new modes like Hunting List, Bounty Hunters, Armed Conflicts, and Daily Missions that make it even more interesting.

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