Need for Speed Most Wanted Mod Apk 1.3.128 (Unlimited Money)

Need for Speed Most Wanted
App Name Need for Speed Most Wanted
Genre Racing
Developer Electronic Arts
Size 14MB
Latest Version 1.3.128
Mod info Unlimited Money
Root Yes
Internet Yes
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Update June 10, 2021 (4 months ago)

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Description of Need for Speed Most Wanted

For speed lovers, the Need for Speed series is probably no stranger anymore. And in 2012, Need for Speed Most Wanted was released on Android devices. The game has received mixed opinions from both sides, for it could be one of the best mobile racing games at that time, except for a few flaws that dragged it to the better-than-average zone.

Become the Top Racer... While Being Chased

Unlike the Asphalt series, notably the Asphalt 8 and Asphalt 9, Need for Speed Most Wanted focuses more on developing your character through the Story mode. You are a street racer that would do anything to get into the Top 10 Most Wanted list, even if you have to break the law. As expected from the name Most Wanted, you will be chased by the cops in almost every event. However, they don’t possess any real threat since all they want is to take you down by brute force.

Same Title, Worse Gameplay

Although they share the same name, Need for Speed Most Wanted and its PC version are entirely different. In the NFSMW on PC, you can take your ride and go wherever you want; the world is open, baby! Sadly, the situation is not the same on the Android version. The game returns to the menu-based gameplay, old-school racing action. Your goal is to earn money and experience, unlocking new events and vehicles. By participating in racing events and beating your opponents, you will unlock all their exotic cars, as well as upgrades for your ride. The bad news is, you still have to buy that car and its mod, which barely lasts till the next event. And it all comes back to the usual grinding that no one wants.

Easier Tracks

Because Need for Speed Most Wanted was ported to the mobile platform, it seems that the developer reduced the difficulty to the minimum to be suitable for Android users. The tracks are wider, the curves are lazier, and the roads are much less crowded. The challenges, therefore, are significantly reduced, unsuitable for those looking for racing nightmares.

Awkward Steering Wheel

Need for Speed Most Wanted offers two options when it comes to controlling your car. You can either choose the accelerometer-based control mode, or give the on-screen steering wheel a try. This is the first NFS mobile version that enables steering wheel control.

The accelerometer control mode detects your tilts and changes them into movement commands. The steering wheel mode, however, feels a bit awkward to use. The tiny wheel is placed on the left side of the screen, which can be confusing and difficult for those with a large thumb. I prefer the tap-to-turn style of Asphalt, but this seems unlikely to be included in future NFS editions.

Incredible Visual Graphics, As Always

Incredible Visual Graphics, As Always

The graphics are stunning. Although the framerate lowers sometimes, still all the models are rendered pretty well. The reflections and lighting effects are there, but are less impressive than on the PC version. Car damages and the backgrounds are less flashy, with most of them has a polygon shape and bland texture. Anyway, for a game released more than nine years ago, Need for Speed Most Wanted can still make your jaw drop.

For the audio part, the soundtrack is excellent, with catchy tunes shuffling each race. The sound effects are acceptable and unimpressed, in my opinion.

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