Movepic mod + apk 2.7.1 (build 99) VIP Unlocked

App Name Movepic
Genre Photography
Developer Ryzenrise
Size 36MB
Latest Version 2.7.1 (build 99)
Mod info VIP Unlocked
Update June 11, 2021 (1 years ago)

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Description of Movepic

What is Movepic?

Creating a great photo with exciting, novel effects and conveying a different feeling to the viewer is difficult for a photographer. It requires a lot of time and skill, creativity, and the ability to manipulate editing tools. As a result, perfectly edited images are often valued for the time and effort put in by photographers. However, with Movepic, you can create one-of-a-kind photos This app is the one that can bring pictures to life with just a few details.

Movepic is a photo editing app released by Ryzenrise. Since photography is no longer able to completely illustrate a photograph's movement, and filming video is too time-consuming, animated pictures have been created. With this app, you can take a few quick and easy steps to bring your photos' movement effects.

Easy-to-use Application

Movepic is very easy to use. You can use this application proficiently by following a few simple steps. To begin, you must grant the application permission to access media files. Upload a photo that you want to edit. Cut out the areas you want to move with the Path tool. Or use the Anchor to fix the motion lines as well as create anchor points. The effect is applied immediately after 1 or 2 basic steps. You can press forward or reverse to edit if not entirely satisfied.

What about the areas you want to keep motionless? The Freeze tool will solve this. These areas will freeze immediately, similar to the use of the other two tools.

Creates Magical Skies

Images of the sky, sunsets, and sunrises are particularly appealing. However, the weather is not always conducive to photography. But with Movepic, everything will be resolved quickly. Dozens of effects and filters for the sky are sure to conquer the hearts of people who love landscape photography.

The most prominent topics include Super, Starlight, Whale, Nebule, Hope, and many other outstanding topics. What could be more beautiful than a field surrounded by blue skies and white clouds?

Camera FX

Camera FX is one of the features that make Movepic unique. Most other applications frequently overlook this simple feature. But this is what makes the uniqueness and contributes to the art of media storytelling of photographers.

Overall, Camera FX has a wide range of effects, divided into themes: Hot, 3D Camera, Orbit, Custom, Jitter, and Transition. Each has its way of motion and varies the depth of the image. You can choose your favorite picture and try.


In addition to making animated pictures, you can add animated stickers to your own work's uniqueness. With a little more rain, the sky with clouds will be stunning. Flowers in the wind will be more appealing with flying butterflies.

Besides, Movepic offers science fiction stickers. You can easily create an explosion with a sticker that simulates a large explosion, a black hole sticker, or a magic ring used by Dr. Strange.

Furthermore, Overlay is an intriguing feature that you should not miss. It's like stickers, but most of the effects are weather, lighting, or cute things like rose leaves and colorful butterflies.

Download Movepic for Free on Android Devices

Movepic is an excellent application to make moving photos and other incredible effects. Without photography or editing courses, you can now easily create stunning images. This app will help you fulfill your passion.

Mostly, the features in the app are limited to those who use the standard package. But with our app, everything is unlocked. Just install the app and enjoy the best features.

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