Monster Fishing 2022 mod + apk 0.3.5 Unlimited Money

Monster Fishing 2022
App Name Monster Fishing 2022
Genre Sports
Developer Nexelon inc.
Size 97.7Mb
Latest Version 0.3.5
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update June 24, 2022 (1 weeks ago)

Description of Monster Fishing 2022

Monster Fishing 2022 Mod Apk is an attractive, realistic fishing simulation game on your Android phone; you will experience it as if you were fishing at a real beach. Prepare yourself with the necessary tools and better upgrade your fishing rod to start your hunt now!

This game is the third installment in Nexelon's Monster Fishing series. After the first version’s success in 2018, the publisher was even more determined to develop more to give players the best experience. And by the beginning of 2022, they have put almost all the essentials a fisherman needs for their fishing trip into Monster Fishing 2022. Explore the game, and you will see beautiful scenery, zones, diverse fishing, many fish species, and fascinating real-life situations. What are you waiting for?

Real Fishing Experience

game monster fishing 2021 mod apk

Coming to Monster Fishing 2022, you will play as a fisherman with a fishing rod and a small boat exploring the vast ocean to fish.

Just throw the fish hook into the water by pressing and holding the "Push" icon in the middle of the screen. Then wait for the fish to bite. Once the fish is caught, you need to calmly collect and release the coil with an appropriate force not to lose the fish. Do not immediately try to pull it up; let your fish continue struggling until exhausted, and you can lift it easily.

Through Monster Fishing 2022, your fishing skills will increasingly improve. As the fish get bigger, you need better skills to catch them. Start your journey by catching little fish now!

Explore Many Different Fish Species

monster fishing 2021 mod

The ocean world is rich with over 250 different fish species and more than 30 new fishing spots! Monster Fishing 2021's strong point is the diversity of fish species and fishing locations. In each location in the world, there will be region-specific fish species. Players can go to the Gansbaai Shark Corridor in South Africa to conquer the sharp sharks to the Pacific’s secret fishing grounds to encounter the beautiful fish paradise. You can even participate in giant whale hunts to earn hefty bounties!

Moreover, players have the opportunity to explore the rich, diverse and authentic ocean world in different seas around the world. For the convenience of players, in addition to simple controls: with just a simple hold and drop, the publisher also added a Monster Fishing automatic fishing function. Are you ready to go fishing and explore the world with Monster Fishing?

Upgrade Your Fishing Rod

monster fishing 2021 mod apk

In order to catch a wider variety of rare and large fish, your original iron rod may not be able to defeat them. Therefore, you need to visit the store to buy new, stiffer, longer rods and fish that are easier to catch.

In addition, the coil is also a detail to pay attention to. Monster Fishing 2021 offers quite a lot of ropes for you to choose from. Each type of point has different characteristics in terms of length and toughness. Of course, when you float in the sea for fishing, the long coil will have an advantage because large and rare fish often live further and deeper than usual.

Besides, the bait is also very important; it will determine what type of fish you will catch. Usually, worms and pests attract small fish; bigger fish usually eat other types of fish. Therefore, you should collect various bait to replace them while fishing to catch more types of fish.

Download Monster Fishing 2022 mod Apk for Android

With the modified version of Monster Fishing 2022, you will enjoy unlimited money. This means that You have lots of diamonds. Use diamonds to buy items or exchange for coins.

Overall, Monster Fishing 2022 is one of the most popular fishing simulation games on Android. Since its launch, this game has more than 10 million downloads and installs on Google Play. Install and explore this game!

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