Misk Schools Quest Mod Apk (Unlocked Full Version)

Misk Schools Quest
App Name Misk Schools Quest
Genre Action
Developer Semaphore Lab
Latest Version
Mod info Unlocked Full Version
Root No
Internet Yes
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Update April 18, 2021 (6 months ago)

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Description of Misk Schools Quest

Overview of Misk Schools Quest

Overview of Misk Schools Quest

Most people love fantasy-themed action games, right? If you feel like themes like mythology, monsters or zombie plagues are too boring, Misk Schools Quest is the right choice for you. Inspired by technology, robots and pollution, Misk Schools Quest brings you fresh gameplay and exciting content.

In Misk Schools Quest, you will experience exciting adventures in a unique future. It is set in the future when technology development is at its peak. At this time, robots have almost completely replaced humans. Note, this game is not for children under 7 years old because of its violence.


This game is set in the future events, namely the year 3020 of the city on the cloud. It's a place where people come to live after the ground becomes too polluted. Thanks to advanced technology, humans have been able to build and reside in the clouds. Robots are created to serve people. However, the robots of some of the infected areas lost control and even attacked humans. You have been dispatched to deal with these robots.



You will transform into an agent of the technology city Alpha Cloud named Misk 802. Your only task is to fix and remove the malware from the robot.

You need to break into a city surrounded by uncontrollable robots. They are always in a state of agitation, ready to attack anyone who dares to break into their city. This game does not have a diverse weapon system, instead, it will provide you with a default device capable of firing blue bullets. You will use it to attack infected robots and bring them back to normal.

As I mentioned above, these robots are very dangerous and ready to attack anyone. Therefore, you need to be careful when dealing with them. You should try to avoid robot attacks because if you injure too much, you will die. You can re-energize, bandage the wound with medical boxes that you can pick up around.

Also, you are only given 300 bullets by default. Therefore, you still have to use bullets effectively to avoid falling out of ammo.

Control System

Misk Schools Quest provides a control panel similar to other survival role-playing games. You can control the character with the D-Pad virtual key and perform the action of jumping, sitting down, running fast and shooting targets. The control panel is located in the bottom two corners of the screen.

Always Be on Guard!

Always Be on Guard!

In the first level, your mission is to find and repair 14 robots in the area. That's pretty easy, isn't it? Do not be subjective! The number of robots will increase quickly. They will also become a lot smarter as well. Therefore, the difficulty will increase significantly. You will be attacked by many robots at the same time, so stay alert.

However, these robots do not have the ability to attack from afar, so they always tend to get close to the enemy. Find a hiding spot and shoot accurately. As I mentioned above, you should not waste ammo. The system provides 300 rounds available, you can also pick up cartridges along the way.

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