Mini Football mod + apk 1.7.7 Unlimited Spirnt

Mini Football
App Name Mini Football
Genre Sports
Developer Miniclip Com
Size 148.8Mb
Latest Version 1.7.7
Mod info Unlimited Spirnt
Update April 30, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Description of Mini Football

Mini Football (Mod, Unlimited Money) is a quick and easy soccer game; you can play it right away without learning or practicing much. Whether you are a longtime football fan or simply love the sport and are looking for a simple, straightforward game to emulate it, you will enjoy this game. In addition, it is enjoyable, cute but still full of tension from a football match.

How is Mini Football different from outside football games?

Inspired by its predecessor Football Strike, this mini version has inherited its greatest strengths while creating a very different football world for itself. The developers have prioritized the easy-to-play factor and are suitable for the masses when producing Mini Football. It doesn't matter the form or theory, nor is it challenging to play; anyone can download the game, open it and compete with other players immediately.

Funny graphics

All the players in Mini Football hack apk are designed in Chibi style to make the game entertaining and funny. Possessing slightly larger heads than usual, short and chubby bodies, all of them will bring you hilarious and exciting moments during your time playing football.

Although only designed in 2D graphics format, each player has an eye-catching shape and a face that is easy to remember. Besides, the players' movements are simulated very smoothly and quickly to ensure that the speed of the ball game is high and the player must concentrate during the match.

Fascinating sound

For a sports game, mainly a sport with a large audience like football, the sound effects are significant. All the sound effects in the game very accurately simulate a match in an actual arena. The sound of the audience cheering every shot, every goal, and even after a good save by the home team's goalkeeper is all true to every detail.

Let’s dig deep into the gameplay

Miniclip's engineering team has minimized the number of operations to make the game easier. The navigation key on the left side of the screen, which helps you move your player to the desired position. 

On the right side are the actions you want the player to take. That is Slide, Switch, Pass, Sprint, Shot, etc. Only up to 3 actions appear at a time so that you will see the actions constantly change and depend on the actual situation on the field.

Control mechanism

As a good coach, you will have to control all 11 players on the football field. Whose foot the ball reaches, you will manage that player. The circled symbol at the player's foot will indicate that he owns the ball, and his following action will be up to you. So, for the game's duration, the only thing you need to care about is who is holding the ball and how to get it into the opponent's goal.

On the other side of the field, your opponent will have to do the same thing. There will be times when the opponent attacks, and you have to be on the defensive. Please note this, scoring more goals will not guarantee victory; the only thing that matters is to achieve more goals than the opponent. So don't ignore the defensive front. Controlling the defense and keeping a clean sheet is also the motto of many top coaches like Jose Mourinho. To be the strongest team, you have to both attack well and defend professionally.


One fact that makes this game so much more attractive than actual football is that it doesn't have any referees. There is a character in yellow running around the field acting as a referee, but he won't interrupt the game or issue any cards. Right. Players can freely foul each other without worrying about being punished. That makes the more dramatic and unpredictable.

With no referees and no penalty rules, both players will have to do all they can to bring home the victory. Nothing is impossible in a match without a referee. Are you ready to take part in this crazy match?

Various options for players

You can collect any player you want in a variety of roles, from striker to goalkeeper. Once you have the desired team, train them to become skilled players. You can also use the bonus money to recruit the world's top stars to your team. Do your best to create an unbeatable team and win all the tournaments in which you participate.

In addition, the developers also allow you to become a real manager when you can have more than 100 other customizations about the appearance of your team. Logo, jersey, pants, socks, shoes, or choose your favorite ball in the match, name your team, etc. All available in 400 items in stock for you to choose freely.

You can also compete with your friends or team up to bring victories for your team and rise to the top of the leaderboard. This ranking will update continuously every week, and there are many different tournaments for you to participate in, from the Brass League to the All-Stars League. So if you want to see your team get promoted quickly, work hard and play hard during the week.

Download Mini Football Apk + Mod for android

Mini Football mod is a fun and hilarious football game but still ensures the authenticity and tension of an actual match. 

This game only utilizes the most vital points of this sport and combines with unique innovations in gameplay and graphics to ensure the most entertaining experience possible for players. If you are a football fan and own a phone, this game is all you need to find.