Mindcell Mod Apk 1.1 (Unlimited Ammo)

App Name Mindcell
Genre Action
Developer Ray Spark
Size 535MB
Latest Version 1.1
Mod info Unlimited Ammo
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Update July 03, 2021 (5 months ago)

Description of Mindcell

Mindcell Mod Apk is a 3rd person shooter game from the publisher Ray Spark. The game will bring you to intense gun battles, dangerous campaigns with tricky enemies. In this game, you will have a chance to explore your inner self in a fantasy world. My review will provide you with the latest insights into the game, as well as personal reviews of the writer. Stay tuned!


Mindcell takes us to a fantasy world, where countries around the world are racing for biological weapon development. Weapon experiments were conducted consecutively by the government, and the experimental object was nothing more than the human race itself.

Our main character is a young man who was accidentally caught up in a serious case and was sentenced to death by an injustice. On the way to the court, the car carrying him suddenly changed direction, taking him to a secret base.

Here, he discovers that he will become a test subject for a secret government organization with the aim of creating newer, more advanced biological weapons. Regardless of the outcome, execution, or experimentation, fate seemed to have turned his back on him.

With a strong desire to live, he is determined to escape from here at all costs. However, this place was huge, and there were guards everywhere. To escape, he needed to find out what happened to him and what was behind everything. Why was he arrested? What is the purpose of this mysterious organization? Who are the friends, and who are the enemies? All answers will be in Mindcell.


Mindcell's gameplay is similar to other action games but becomes quite attractive in a third-person perspective, combined with very high-quality 3D graphics. Your main task is to control the protagonist move towards the corridor ahead, overcome some obstacles and use his ability to defeat the enemies that stand in the way.

Escaping from this lab is no easy feat. The whole base is very large, with a highly complex design and many compounds such as warehouse, laboratory, chemical areas, etc. Without a map in hand, this place is like a deadly maze with no escape.

Along the way, you will encounter many aggressive and ferocious enemies such as nurses, zombies, robots, failed experiments, and many more. Just a tiny sound can cause the enemy to surround you, and then it is tough for you to get rid of them. Try to make use of all the weapons you have to drive them away.

An obstacle-free game is an unattractive one. At the end of each level, there are bosses waiting for you. They are very resilient and very dangerous, so be careful and alert of their lethal attacks.

Weapon System

Weapons in Mindcell are of all shapes and sizes. From pistols and snipers to sticks, wrenches, and knives, anything can be used. You can pick up and use all weapons to defend yourself on the way out.

However, Mindcell does not have an inventory feature. This means you won't be able to pick up and store weapons or items like in other games. Meanwhile, all the guns or melee weapons have a limited number of uses. So you must quickly find an alternative weapon before the current one can no longer be used.

Unlimited Plays

Mindcell supports the checkpoint feature. If your character runs out of health, you can play again from the nearest checkpoint. This is very convenient, especially when you encounter opponents that are too strong and tough. You will have the opportunity to try different strategies to find the suitable one for you.

Graphics and Design

Despite its simple gameplay, the excellent graphics make Mindcell stand out among the games in its genre. The details are incredibly sophisticated and detailed design, even though the scene is just a corridor in a narrow space. The effects of hitting, shooting, or slashing enemies are also very good and authentic, similar to Shadow Fight 3's fighting style.

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