Mech Arena mod 2.06.02 (High Damage, Unlimited Ammo)

Mech Arena
App Name Mech Arena
Genre Action
Developer Plarium Global Ltd
Size 144MB
Latest Version 2.06.02
Mod info (High Damage, Unlimited Ammo)
Update August 14, 2022 (19 hours ago)

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Mod Features of Mech Arena Mod:

  • High Damage
  • Unlimited Ammo

Description of Mech Arena

Mech Arena Mod is a game app released by the game company NetEase. This game was first launched in China. And was bought the copyright to release in Vietnam. In addition, it is a game for mobile platforms and completely free. 

And do not consume too much space of the phone. And is currently a game that attracts a lot of young people to participate in the experience. Coming to this article, MODRADAR will learn about this game application with you!

An Overview of The Arena Mech Mod

An Overview of The Arena Mech Mod

What is Mech Arena Mod? and information related to the application will be shared by us to you right now!

What is Mech Arena Mod?

Mech Arena mod is a PvP action game with a fighting robot theme that will take you into dramatic battles that are extremely fast-paced and do not take too much of your time for each battle. Therefore, the fighting characters in the game are definitely not human. 

They are very powerful and sturdy robots. When participating in the game, you will be able to fight and compete with other friends. So you should upgrade your robots to be powerful to be ready to go to war with all opponents!

Pros and cons of the game Mech Arena Mod

About the advantages of the game:

  • The game has beautiful 3D graphics with attractive robots.
  • The application has fast-paced gameplay and emphasizes teamwork.
  • There is a very diverse number of robots, weapons and pilots.
  • The game has many different game modes for you to challenge yourself.
  • Can be freely customized in appearance along with the color of the robot

On the disadvantages of the game: 

  • The game is having robot upgrade mechanics and weapons with signs of paying to win.
  • The matchmaking feature of the application is also somewhat unfair.

Basic Features of Mech Arena Mod Gaming App

Basic Features of Mech Arena Gaming App

Although Mech Arena Mod is being the most popular gaming application today, not everyone knows its basic features to experience it in the easiest way. Right now let us provide you with information!

Extremely eye-catching graphics and intuitive interface of Mech Arena Mod

Unlike previous games such as War Robots or Robot Warfare, the graphics of Mech Arena Mod mobile do not have to go in the direction of realistic simulation but are presented in the form of extremely bright animation. The game already has a moderate capacity and configuration, you just need to have a mid-range device to be able to experience it smoothly. 

And of course, its graphics are also cared for in great detail with 3D shaping that clearly shows the monumentality in the size of the robots as well as the meticulousness of the manufacturer. Effects such as guns and smoke and fire are also reproduced quite realistically.

This game has fast-paced gameplay and extremely friendly control mechanisms

Matches in Mech Arena Mod will be played in the form of 5vs5 or 2vs2. The game has many game modes for you to freely choose from such as gaining grounds or deathmatch,... but you only have two choices: fight and become the champion or turn yourself into a pile of scrap iron at the feet of your opponent.

The control mechanism of this application is also quite familiar. You will control the robots to move with the analog stick located on the left side of the screen and aim by rotating the camera and using the attack buttons – skills on the right side.

The number of robots is very diverse and can change the appearance

The number of robots is very diverse and can change the appearance

Mech Arena Mod offers you more than 15 different robot models for you to choose from. In which each robot will own its own stats such as attack, defense, speed,... along with unique characteristic skills. These robots will be unlocked through random bonus chests that you will receive during your participation in the game.

Depending on the stats and skills, the robots will usually be divided into 3 main types in the game. The first type will have an extremely aggressive appearance, very slow movement and super buffalo blood index, so it often plays a pioneering role as a "cannon fodder" for the rest of the teammates. 

The second type will have balanced stats and skills that are often inclined to deal extremely strong damage to the enemy, so they are the main "assassins" of the team, which will often bring extremely powerful "triplekill" or even "pentakill" phases. The last one looks quite "tiny" and has an extremely agile movement speed and a skill set that stuns or "sneaks" the enemy and acts as a harassing enemy to create a good opportunity for his teammates to score points or counterattack.

Final Thoughts

Through the above article, MODRADAR has helped you learn about Mech Arena Mod, hoping that information will help you in experiencing the attractive game Mech Arena Mod.

And there are many other games and applications that are extremely attractive, on modradar such as Real Steel Boxing Champions, PUBG MOBILE will create extremely interesting new experiences for players.




Does Robot Showdown Mod Apk cost?

The game is downloaded and installed from us completely free of charge

Can I play games offline?

The game is played online, you need an internet connection to be able to play the game

Is the Mod Apk version on safe?

Peace of mind is 100% safe and virus-free. editorial board and technical team have thoroughly checked before posting on the website.

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