Live or Die: Zombie Survival Pro Mod Apk 0.2.454 (build 151) (Free Purchase)

Live or Die: Zombie Survival Pro
App Name Live or Die: Zombie Survival Pro
Genre Action
Developer Not Found Games
Size 41MB
Latest Version 0.2.454 (build 151)
Mod info Free Purchase
Get it On com.pgstudio.survival
Update July 03, 2021 (5 months ago)

Description of Live or Die: Zombie Survival Pro

Live or Die: Zombie Survival is an exciting simulation game where you will live your life in the post-Apocalypse era. You need to survive in an environment surrounded by aggressive animals and zombies. During the game, you will be able to craft new versions of weapons and improve shelters.

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Experience a Strange Life

Survival is a human instinct, and if you want to survive under extreme conditions, you'll need to practice. Live or Die will attract players to the battle for survival, giving a great feeling to conquer and overcome yourself.

You will live in a desolate, secluded, and dangerous environment, with the onslaught of zombies. You need to fight to live, destroy your enemies and beasts. You will have new feelings different from the reality of fully facilitated living. This will arouse the creativity and primitive instinct of human life.

Overcome A Challenge is Once You Get Your Life Back

Players will face a state of desolation and desolation. After the great war of destruction, the only wasteland remained. The biological weapon has brutally destroyed humanity, and you are one of the lucky ones to survive that great war. This is when you will face many difficulties and challenges ahead in Live or Die. Find ways to save your life.

To survive, you have to perform your competence. You will have to craft armor and weapons to destroy zombies. Kill many zombies, and the more challenges you overcome, the stronger you become.

The way to destroy zombies is by smashing, punching, cutting, and stabbing. When buying a gun, players can also stand from a distance. These zombies do not have brains, but they have a lot of strength and quantity. Players need to figure out how to use the proper methods to defeat them.

In addition to destroying zombies to survive, you need to work like building a house and foraging food. To create a base, you need to dig soil, build walls and build a house. The more solid the house, the safer you are. The more advanced players, the more opportunities to open new resources and items to survive.

Bonuses can buy new weapons, and each weapon has a different price. Buy armor to increase the strength and help you avoid attacks from the zombies.

Players can also set traps to capture wild animals and even kill zombies. The more traps, the higher the chance of catching an animal.

Realistic and Wild Graphics 

Live or Die: Zombie Survival gives players a comprehensive view of the surrounding space. With dark tones, you will feel a terrible feeling in the dark. The game has a stunning and impressive 3D graphic design, built with realistic and wild images. Game creators have also made a particular investment in designing to create success for this title.

Besides the great visual experience, you will explore the world in the game through realistic sound effects. The design and sound investment are harmonious, lively, both working and contributing to the game’s fun.

Download and Survive!

Live or Die is not only an entertaining game but also a means to practice life skills. Especially in today's developed society, people are provided sufficiently in all aspects. This game will give you an authentic experience between the boundaries of life and death. The game is suitable for many subjects, especially those who love adventure and exploration. The game from Not Found Games will bring a sense of danger and surprise to players.