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App Name LIMBO
Genre Adventure
Developer Playdead
Size 113.1MB
Latest Version OBB
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Update April 21, 2022 (5 months ago)

Description of LIMBO

LIMBO is a game produced by Playdead Game Studio, one of the most popular developers on the Google Play Store. This game takes you to the land of adventure. You will accompany a boy suffering from a mental disorder. He always thinks someone kidnapped his sister. Therefore, the story behind the game is really very touching.

With helping the kid find his fantasy sister in the game, LIMBO is one of the best games to kill your spare time. It cannot be denied that it is very different from all other games and that is why users call it a masterpiece.

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When the main character wakes up from his sleep, he has to go through a dark and densely dense forest. He has to face many scary ghosts and monsters along with many other dangerous animals. Regardless of day or night, darkness is always enveloping and following every step of him. Therefore, please protect this boy from all dangers. Limbo has so good graphics that everything is authentic, puzzles with the right difficulty will never be discouraged.

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It is true that Limbo is completely different from all the games you have played before. It is very short but very cleverly designed. Run, jump and puzzle your way to overcome all pitfalls. In general, this game is very well designed and is a perfect game to play.

Accompanying a Miserable Boy

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Unfortunately, Limbo has neither instructions nor dialogue at all. It is simply an endless journey for a boy. All you need to do is control the boy to run, jump and swing the rope to overcome the obstacles.

You will travel forever through forests, swimming over rivers, abandoned houses, all repeating and giving you a feeling of despair in the journey without end. If you were killed accidentally, you will return to the place where you passed to start over.

Throughout the game, your main enemies will be deep holes, tall trees, lakes, abysses, sharp caves and giant poisonous spiders. It will be very difficult to overcome these obstacles. Therefore, you must always be careful to handle the situation quickly in order to survive.

Graphics and Sound

limbo mod apk

Limbo has the main color gamut of black & white with a magical space. Therefore, you can easily get used to the gameplay right from the first time. The scroll key buttons are arranged appropriately for easy operation even for first-time players. In addition, the fog effect makes your journey more murky.

The game has no background music, you can only hear the main character's footsteps, sometimes, you can hear the showers, crickets, the wind, the crows. It all combines to give you the thrill throughout the journey.

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With our mod, instead of spending money to buy the game, you can play it for free. It is true to say that LIMBO MOD APK or any other Playdead game is also haunting. But in fact, they have an extremely human essence. This game can be played on iOS and Android operating systems. So what are you waiting for? Quickly download LIMBO MOD APK to discover new things and difficult challenges.

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