LifeSim 2 Mod Apk 1.8.7 (build 294) (Unlimited Money)

LifeSim 2
App Name LifeSim 2
Genre Simulation
Developer Hypergames Inc
Size 69MB
Latest Version 1.8.7 (build 294)
Mod info Unlimited Money
Root No
Internet No
Get it On tech.hypergames.lifesim2
Update June 21, 2021 (4 months ago)

Description of LifeSim 2

LifeSim 2 Mod Apk is a simulation game in which you will have a chance to become a celebrity. However, becoming an idol is not easy; you will have to overcome many difficulties and challenges, and sometimes you just want to give up everything. Can you be consistent with your goal to the end? Let's experience life as a celebrity with LifeSim 2.

About LifeSim 2

About LifeSim 2

In general, LifeSim 2 gives you fewer options than LifeSim 1. If you can choose a career to pursue in the prequel, such as politician, Hollywood actor, or a music superstar, then in this game, you can only become a famous superstar on TV. Your task is also simpler: to become the most renowned actor in the world and have a platinum disc or better.

Your life will be extravagant, with private jets, luxury villas, private-owned resort islands, expensive parties, etc. You will also have a huge loyal fan base, along with countless prestigious awards and trophies. Everything can come true as long as you keep on trying.

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Character Creation

The first thing you need to do with a simulation game is character creation. The game will feature three male and three female characters for you to choose from. Note that you will be playing with that character throughout the game, and you do not have the right to change anymore. After you have chosen your appearance, give yourself a cool and impressive name. That name will soon be known worldwide!

Career Development

Career Development

You will start off as an average human with nothing but ambitious dreams. To pursue your goals, you need to make a lot of money by doing very ordinary jobs such as cleaning staff, waiters, delivery staff, etc., to increase income. This is the grinding phase that most mobile games have. Quite tedious, isn’t it?

In addition to making money, you also have to improve yourself both physically and intellectually. You can take various courses, from acting, public speaking, e-commerce to advanced music and arts courses. Becoming a star is not easy, and it takes hard work to be successful.

Taking Care of Yourself

Your character is like yourself, also need a break after hours of stressful work and study. There are two main indicators which are health and emotion. If one of them drops below 50%, it means he is tired or depressed. Give your character time to rest, do activities that are beneficial to himself like exercising, playing sports, raising pets, finding a lover, etc.

As to finding a lover, your character also needs to build his own life. You can date and marry anyone, from famous people in showbiz to ordinary people around you. From there, gradually you will have your own house, your children, your car, along with many other memorable things. Family is always the most important thing, so do not pursue your career too much and forget about your loved ones.

Graphics and Design

Graphics and Design

The graphics in the game are not really impressive, but it has its own uniqueness. LifeSim 2 is built with 2D graphics, ensuring a simple and eye-catching design while reducing the pressure on your phone's capacity. Experience the game yourself and comment below.

Download LifeSim 2 MOD APK for Android

Our MOD will give you unlimited money to use. In addition, there will be a menu with many different options in the game, which will be of great help on your road to superstar.