Kingdom Rush Mod Apk 5.3.08 (Unlimited Money)

Kingdom Rush
App Name Kingdom Rush
Genre Strategy
Developer Ironhide Games
Size 158.3MB
Latest Version 5.3.08
Mod info Unlimited Money
Root Yes
Internet Yes
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Update September 06, 2021 (1 months ago)

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Description of Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is the first of its line, developed and released on Android by Ironhide Game Studio in May 2013. The game was a huge success, with millions of downloads after just a few months. As of February 2021, Kingdom Rush receives a 4.7 rating with 600 thousand reviews, most of which are 5-star. So, what are the reasons behind its popularity?

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Simple, Yet Addictive Gameplay

Kingdom Rush is a tower defense game, which means your job is not to let the enemies pass through. The game uses the medieval-fantasy setting, with Footmen, Mages, Archers, Heroes, and Demons. Each level has a fixed path with empty slots around, called “Strategy Points”, where you can build towers. There are four types of buildings in the game: Barracks, Archers, Mages, and Artillery, each has two different upgrades with individual abilities and stats:

  • Barrack: the frontline in the game, besides heroes. You can either upgrade it into Holy Order (Healing Light, Shield of Valor, Holy Strike) or Barbarian Mead Hall (Throwing Axes, Hunting Nets, More Axes)
  • Archer: responsible for inflicting physical damage on enemies. Archer Towers have two upgrade paths: Rangers Hideout (Poison Arrows, Wrath of the Forest) or Musketeer Garrison (Sniper Shot, Shrapnel Shot)
  • Mage: causing magical damage on enemies. Mages can be upgraded into Arcane Wizard (Death Ray, Teleport) or Sorcerer Mage (Polymorph, Summon Elemental)
  • Artillery: inflict AoE damage. The mortar has slow attack speed but with deadly missiles. It can be upgraded into 500mm Big Bertha (Dragonbreath Launcher, Cluster Launcher) or Tesla x104 (Supercharged Bolt, Overcharge)

With eight total towers to choose from, the possibilities in Kingdom Rush are limitless. If you prefer using marksmen, try upgrading their traits and refining your placement. You can place the Range Hideout near the beginning of the path to lower the enemies’ health, and let the Musketeer Garrison near the end finish them off. I’m more interested in the magical world, so Mages will be my selection in most maps. 

Players also have two spells to choose from, Rain of Fire and Call Reinforcements. The former causes meteor strikes across the map, while the latter summons footmen to block your enemies. They can save you in critical moments, but the downside is they have a super long cooldown, thus do not use them wildly.

3 Modes to Try

Kingdom Rush has only 12 mission campaigns, but the fun does not end when you finish all 12 maps. The most exciting thing about the game is its high replayability. After completing the Normal Mode, you will unlock the Heroic Mode and Iron Challenge, each with a different constraint, such as changing enemies, restricting towers available, reducing lives, etc. These challenges are the most difficult ones I have ever seen!

Lovely Comical Graphics
Lovely Comical Graphics

Kingdom Rush has a very cartoonish style, with all kinds of animated heroes and enemies designed in the 2D world. The monsters in the game are not scary at all; instead, they are super cute and lovely. Still, they all have their unique characteristics: the spiders with their crawling legs, the orcs with their muscular body, etc. The heroes seem even sillier than the enemies. They remind me so much about Among Us with their waddling style and their clever design. Have a look at my review, and comment below if I’m wrong.

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