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Jurassic Survival
App Name Jurassic Survival
Genre Action
Developer Mishka Production
Size 164.5MB
Latest Version 2.7.0
Mod info Free Purchase
Update April 23, 2022 (2 months ago)

Description of Jurassic Survival

In Jurassic Survival Mod Apk, you will awaken on a mysterious island. Of course, you will wonder where you are and what happened. But this question is not essential, and you should not ask why you are on this island. Because there are a lot of dinosaurs on that island, you must do everything to survive.

Players need to find food and drinks to sustain their lives. Find solutions to survive in a dangerous world where dinosaurs are your enemies. However, you can also tame them, but that has never been easy. Jurassic Survival immerses players in prehistoric adventures. Take the time to move on with your life and not lose your life.


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Look for materials such as wood, stone, bamboo, and so on to make some valuable tools. Knives and axes, for example, are tools that are always with you when performing basic operations. Some dinosaurs will appear during the gathering of ingredients. Take them out with a knife, but the fights for Survival are not always easy. Besides the traditional weapons, you also can collect modern weapons.

Only small dinosaurs like Ornitholestes are easy to destroy. However, the T-Rex dinosaurs are strong creatures. It is best to avoid them instead of going head-to-head. Also, you will see other kinds of dinosaurs. Remember that you need to have clever strategies and quick responses to fight these ferocious creatures.

There is a small tip for gamers. Some players say they lose items when their character dies. However, you can get your stuff back by finding your character's corpse, but it depends on the location. And t isn't so easy to stay alive in the wild jungles. Make sure that you have enough guns or medkits or even food to hunt and loot

Turn Dinosaurs Into Your Pets

jurassic survival mod

As mentioned above, you may encounter many different dinosaurs in your survival journey. Although dinosaurs are a direct threat to the player, it is entirely possible to tame them. Even this is extremely dangerous and can cause your trip to end soon. But it is fascinating. Do you want to go with the dinosaurs?  A life with a few dinosaur friends is not a bad idea. Everything has a cost, so spend your time taming dinosaurs. While this requires a significant amount of effort, it is well worth it. You will receive a plethora of incredible benefits in return.

Connect With Many Other Players

jurassic survival mod apk

Jurassic Survival has an online mode that allows you to connect with other players. Talk with them, and you will have quick and accurate information updates. Then, you will discover new ways to survive on this island. For instance, you and others can make strategies and trade resources together. However, you should also be cautious. Other people are ready to do anything in exchange for life. Because not everyone is a good person, you should always be wary of other players. They can steal the resources that you have.

Graphics and Sound

Jurassic Survival occurs on Earth during the Jurassic period, so the surrounding environment is also very different. Jurassic Survival's scenery is gigantic prehistoric ferns, not green forests or deadly cities like in other games. If you've ever studied Jurassic World, you'll know that this was a time of rapid growth for ferns.

The game's graphics are cartoon-like, but it retains the terrifying appearance of prehistoric dinosaurs. The attacks of the dinosaurs will undoubtedly make you shiver. Along with the high-quality and realistic sound, you will lose track of time and feel as if you are fleeing to an ancient time on Earth.

Player Experience

The majority of the players thought it was a good game. They had a great time playing this game. As a result, it has reached more than 10 million downloads on Google Play. However, some players expect that the game will have more items in the following updates. Besides, players who do not speak English wish to have more language options.

Download Jurassic Survival MOD APK for Android

If you enjoy action movies and want to learn about prehistoric creatures, this game is for you. Furthermore, the MOD version's Free Purchase feature allows you to purchase a variety of items. Are you ready to face the harsh realities of life and embark on exciting adventures in Jurassic Survival? To survive on the mysterious island, download Jurassic Survival MOD.

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