Johnny Trigger Mod Apk 1.12.13 (Unlimited Money)

Johnny Trigger
App Name Johnny Trigger
Genre Action
Developer Saygames
Size 83.5MB
Latest Version 1.12.13
Mod info Unlimited Money
Get it On com.time.trigger
Update January 14, 2022 (2 days ago)

Description of Johnny Trigger

Johnny Trigger - Action Shooting Game MOD APK is a fun role-playing shooter by SayGames. This is an exciting action game with slow-motion elements, and players must challenge gangs to invade the city. 

The game has excellent hologram graphics with stunning visuals and drawings of the most spectacular hits are waiting for you to explore.

Game Trailer

Play Like A Professional Gunman

It is not difficult to understand when these killer role-playing games bring a feeling of excitement for players when finishing enemies in the blink of an eye. Above all, Johnny Trigger is a simple game, suitable for moments of relaxation and gentle entertainment.


You will become a sniper, defeat every gangster by yourself. They are organized, so you need to go all the way to the lair to choose the right location and attack. You do not approach enemies at close range but will attack from a distance with weapons with high accuracy.

Although it is an action game, the game will bring many elements of entertainment. You will efficiently complete the levels quickly, the number of enemies is not much, but you cannot let any criminals.

In-Game Special Features and Customs

The process in Johnny Trigger includes many levels from low to high with increasing difficulty. At each level, enemies will appear in different positions. Your mission is to quickly take down the enemy before they are detected and shot back. It is pretty challenging to have enemies that cannot be knocked out in 1 bullet. Moreover, the number of enemies is quite large, and the rate of fire is speedy. As the process, every ten levels, you will confront a powerful boss.

johnny trigger game play

Although challenging, the assassin character of players can fly, jump, and great parkour. Therefore, you can easily control your character to avoid bullets and counterattacks. With the slow-motion shooting style, you can observe every situation.

The mechanism of running and firing continuously from different weapons is perfectly combined. Each track includes several skirmishes with bandits where players need to perform some tricks and shoot enemies at the right time.

Johnny Trigger offers unique stores that appear randomly on the levels. The store gives players a choice of three significant and different lethality guns. Players can typically buy the first two weapons for the in-game currency and the third because of a certain amount of ad views.

After finishing each level, players will unlock new levels. Besides, there will be gold coins used to buy weapons. There are countless types of machine guns in the store for players to choose from, such as pistols, cheap, single target damage, or SMG guns that can shoot multiple bullets at once and deal massive damage. Super Guns especially have extreme damage power, and can knock down the target quickly. However, it was costly, so it was only suitable for hitting bosses.

Besides weapons, players can change a character's appearance with diverse outfits.

Simple but Eye-catching Graphics

This is a simple graphic game. But the very simplicity brings humor and reduces the creepiness in the killing phase. Although the graphics in Johnny Trigger do not promise to impress, it is pleasing to the player.

johnny trigger in game graphics

The sound in Johnny Trigger has some fun background music. Besides, SayGames did its best in the audio acting of the battle. Players will hear all the shots and explosions in detail. In short, these characteristics are enough for players to immerse themselves in the gameplay.

Download and Start Shooting!

Johnny Trigger's gameplay is straightforward. To get access to the next stage, players must complete missions without fail. At the same time, you won't be limited in the number of lives or energy size. Besides, the game also has a multitude of weapons that allow you to explore freely. Moreover, to avoid boredom, you can download the MOD version that unlocks all your arsenal of weapons and costumes.