Idle World Mod Apk 4.6.1 (Unlimited Money)

Idle World
App Name Idle World
Genre Casual
Developer Homa Games
Size 65.8MB
Latest Version 4.6.1
Mod info Unlimited Money
Root No
Internet No
Get it On com.chitralekha.evolution
Update September 04, 2021 (1 months ago)

Description of Idle World

Although it was only released not long ago, Idle World MOD APK has successfully attracted a large number of gamers around the globe. Developed by Homa Games, this simulation game allows players to manage their universe. Feel free to create and enjoy the fun that this game brings. Download and order the following link below!

About Idle World

We also know that the Universe is a prominent place that we still cannot fully explore; it includes all matter and space. With a diameter of more than ten light-years and containing countless galaxies in it, you cannot imagine how large it is. Cosmic topics always make scientists take a lot of time to study but still cannot explore everything in the universe.

To satisfy many people's love of space exploration, Homa Games has released the game Idle World. Here, you can experience and explore the vast universe outside the earth and all of it. Get started now!

Explore the Vast Universe

Coming to Idle World, you will learn step by step about the universe. This game not only keeps players entertained but can also provide players with useful knowledge about the interesting things outside of our earth.

First, you will learn about nanoparticles, and then after that, many other things. Surely you have heard many times about Nanotechnology with many useful products in everyday life in fields such as medicine, optics, electronics, etc. Not only that, but many other elements are waiting for you to discover and add to your collection.

You can completely build your own galaxy through Idle World. From there, you will discover black holes and use them to increase your yield. The black hole will attract anything close to it so that you can collect the elements as quickly and conveniently as possible. Not only that, but you also discover many wonderful things hidden behind each planet of the universe.

This simulation game has bugs that are very accessible even if you are a novice. You just need to tap the screen to collect energy and elements to upgrade your universe. Besides, you can play this game even offline at any time.

Explore Science

Our earth also has thousands of interesting things that you may not have known, so do not miss out on the useful things about it that this game brings. Not only can they be entertained, but they can also conduct scientific research to learn more useful knowledge. You can explore our atmosphere, in particular the ozone layer, and the interesting things that surround our earth.

Outside of Earth, you can also explore other planets with interesting facts about them. Mars or Jupiter, Saturn are all waiting for you to discover. Have you ever been curious about them? Do not miss this interesting game to discover new things that you have never known around the earth.

Download Idle World MOD APK for Android

Idle World is really a great simulation game for all players who love to explore science and want to learn about the universe. However, you can play for free with the regular version but will often be bothered by annoying videos or banner ads.

Besides, in order to do the things you want in the game, you need to have a large number of diamonds. Therefore, you will definitely enjoy our modified version of this game. With special features such as Unlimited Money, VIP Unlock, and No Ads, this version promises to bring you the most enjoyable experience in this immense universe.

Idle World! Trailer