Idle Construction 3D mod + apk 2.12 Unlimited Money

Idle Construction 3D
App Name Idle Construction 3D
Genre Strategy
Developer Green Panda Games
Size 112.5MB
Latest Version 2.12
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update April 27, 2022 (3 weeks ago)

Description of Idle Construction 3D

Become a tycoon who builds skyscrapers. Economic development to be able to expand your business, build and develop a town, all of which you can experience through the attractive game Idle Construction 3d. The game is released by the game maker Green Panda Games, in the attractive strategy game genre. Do you want to own beautiful harbors, skyscrapers that you built yourself, do you believe you can do it. In the framework of this article, I will introduce you to the Idle Construction 3d Mod Apk game version, unlimited money to help you do whatever you like.

A brief introduction to the game Idle Construction 3D

game idle construction 3d mod apk

Idle Construction 3D gives you an experience with attractive 3-D graphics, you will become a tycoon in the construction industry. Construction will be carried out in a city in need of modern buildings. In the building also need to be equipped with different equipment. In the process of performing jobs, players need to upgrade their workers. The worker will always work hard under your direction. But you need to spend a certain amount of money to upgrade them, the more advanced, the more money you will lose. But you cannot take quizzes lightly. Because when you upgrade workers to high, their workers work at a much higher speed.

In addition to buildings, you also need to arrange more trees and items to create natural landscapes around the house. Note that you also need to receive rewards in time to be able to upgrade the necessary functions.

Build your own city

idle construction 3d mod

Idle Construction 3D helps you quickly learn important life skills, especially effective time management. This will help you achieve high results in your daily work. During the game, you will quickly learn how to use your time properly by performing the tasks that the game offers. You need to wait patiently until the results are achieved - that is when the buildings are completed, note that for those of you who have not experienced the game, you can continuously click on the screen, this will speed up the construction. build up a lot, this tip is not known to everyone. Follow the suggestions that the game gives, maybe you will receive attractive gifts.

Beautiful and friendly graphics

idle construction 3d mod apk

With the game graphic design in the direction closest to the player, as well as the daily landscape in life. For example, cars, trees, houses as well as everything around them in the most realistic way. This makes the game user-friendly. Vivid game colors make the buildings you build come to life like never before. There are many interesting things in the game, it will support you to be able to build the buildings you want.

Fascinating with many levels

Coming to Idle Construction 3d, you will feel the seemingly infinite levels. Challenges that are not easy need you to conquer. The construction of different buildings at different levels, with different designs are certainly challenges as well as attractive to players who want to conquer it.

Materials are provided in full and on time

You won't have to worry about materials running out, availability, or prices. Because all the materials have been prepared, the material trucks are waiting at the site gate, you just need to let your workers out and transport in and out. The only thing you need to care about is the upgrade indicators only.

Mod Apk version of Idle Construction 3D

In today's modern life, to be able to play games for a long time is difficult, with Idle Construction 3d game too, you have to spend a lot of time to pass the doors. gate. Coming to Idle Construction 3d Mod Apk version, you will be able to play the game with many different advantages, without spending much time but you can still experience the game to the fullest.

Features of Idle Construction 3d Mod Apk

Unlimited money: you can upgrade freely without worrying about running out of money.
Unlimited diamonds: diamonds will be granted for free throughout the game.
You can change the diamond to gold by clicking the plus sign on the screen, converting the diamond to gold is done.
You should also upgrade stats like: Earning, Worker to be able to perform faster.

Download Idle Construction 3d Mod Apk for Android

A game that is played in a tactical style but has quite a lot of attractive features such as: playing quite idle, being able to become a tycoon and build your own city, training workers to be effective. higher job. Learn how to manage time as well as arrange work properly.. All of these things have created an extremely attractive game for players. Download now Idle Construction 3D Mod Apk version to get your own special offers. Wish you have fun playing the game.