Hundred Soul Mod Apk 3.70.0 (Updating)

Hundred Soul
App Name Hundred Soul
Genre Action
Developer HOUND 13
Size 141.2MB
Latest Version 3.70.0
Mod info Updating
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Update October 06, 2021 (1 months ago)

Description of Hundred Soul

Get ready to transform into the last hero on Earth in Hundred Soul MOD APK. Your mission is to destroy all evil spirits in exile around the world. Surely every moment in the game will bring you a very engaging action experience.

Surely you are no longer unfamiliar with the action role-playing game genre. You can easily find thousands of such games on the Internet, but Hundred Soul MOD APK still has its unique characteristics. With a quite unique plot, you will not be bored. The game's visual effects are of the same quality as any other high-end PC game. Fast-move rhythm helps the game to appeal in every second. With more than 100 different weapons, a rich skill system, you can create your own unique combos with your own style.

Hundred Soul MOD APK
Hundred Soul MOD APK


The world is in danger, monsters that are formed from souls are pouring in and destroying most of humanity. The human population on earth is at an alarming rate. To cope with this situation, the city of Herse was eventually established on the Aurora continent. But even the land believed to be the safest of mankind does not guarantee long-term security and is on the brink of destruction. You are the ultimate savior, always training to become strong enough and against these creatures. Through fighting, you will learn many new skills and gradually become the savior of Herse and humanity.

Unique Gameplay

Beautiful characters in the game
Beautiful characters in the game

Gameplay is a great advantage of this game. Characters in the game are simulated extremely truthfully while all actions and moves are subject to the actual laws of physics. All operations of rotating, swinging swords, dodging attacks, etc are true to reality. This is also the point that makes the difference between weapons. For example, when using a spear, your character has extremely high fighting speed, extremely flexible movements. But when using the hammer, every action becomes slower, the movement feels heavier but the damage is extremely terrible.

But that is not all, the developer also incorporates a complex combo system to enhance the combat mechanism. Once you have gained enough experience and levels, you can perform a series of special moves of the weapon you are using. This game also offers heroes who stand by your side.

Hero System

Heroes of Hundred Soul
Heroes of Hundred Soul

Currently, the number of heroes of Hundred Soul is quite modest. Each hero in the game represents a different class including Gladiator, Sniper, Assassin, Mage, and more. Each hero class possesses different skills. Each hero owns a separate weapon, but you can change or upgrade it when you open up new weapons. There are many treasures hidden on your journey, do not miss them.

State-of-the-art Graphics Platform

State-of-the-art Graphics Platform
State-of-the-art Graphics Platform

As introduced at the beginning of the article, the graphics of this super product from Korea certainly do not disappoint you.

This game will definitely make you stunned when witnessing its high-quality graphics. Thanks to the application of state-of-the-art Unity graphics technology, every image of the game becomes extremely realistic, not inferior to the role-playing games on PC or Console.

The effect of the game is also very impressive, perhaps this is one of the highlights of Hundred Soul. Besides, THIS game also provides players with the feature to adjust the camera so you can change the perspective of the character. All bring the best visual experiences on mobile.

Download Hundred Soul MOD APK for Android

It is true to say that Hundred Soul MOD APK is one of the role-playing games worth a try, even once. It has high-quality graphics, a unique storyline, and lots of cool stuff for you to explore. Are you ready to become the savior of humanity?

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