Hole.io mod + apk 1.15.2 Unlocked Skins

App Name Hole.io
Genre Arcade
Developer Voodoo
Size 121.3Mb
Latest Version 1.15.2
Mod info Unlocked Skins
Update May 15, 2022 (3 months ago)

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Description of Hole.io

The .io series is quite diverse in genres and has many different styles, but most of them have one thing in common: to bring players into an arena and compete against each other to win the highest rankings possible. Hole.io is pretty much the same; you will become a black hole and suck everything you see in a given amount of time. Simple, easy to play, addictive, what more could you expect from a Voodoo game?

Addictive Gameplay

game hole io mod apk

Hole.io has unique and fun gameplay: you are transformed into a small size black hole, with the main task is to suck all that is on the road. You have to keep this black hole moving continuously to attract objects, people, or anything you encounter. The more things you absorb, the bigger the size of the black hole, and so on until time is up or you are swallowed up by a larger black hole (another player). Of course, you can also attract smaller black holes.

The controls are also straightforward: just hold your finger on the screen and control the black hole to the position you specify. Every time a black hole passes through something smaller, it will automatically absorb that thing and increase your score. At the end of the two minutes, whoever has the most points will be the champion.

Hole.io focuses on the simplicity of gameplay and controls. The most challenging factor is you have to deal with other players. If they were quicker, they would eat up all the little things in the city, making you spend a lot of time searching for what is edible. Thus, you need to be really focused if you don't want to be the last all the time.

Four Game Modes Available

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Hole.io has a total of 4 different game modes like Classic, Battle, Solo Run, and Friends, each with its own highlight and a separate way to win. With Friends mode, players can connect with friends via Bluetooth and compete with each other easily. Besides, you can also customize the color of your black hole to be different.

Graphics and Design

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Each Voodoo game has a different design. If Donut Drift uses the primary color tones of black and white, Hole.io has a more detailed, authentic, and colorful design. Graphics in the game are built in 2.5D style, simple yet still prominent. The city has many small details, but that does not make the game laggy or frozen. On the contrary, my experience of Hole.io is very smooth, even in the highest settings.

Voodoo is always appreciated for the realism of its products, especially in terms of physics. In this game, being a black hole doesn't mean you'll suck everything in right away. For large objects like buildings or shops, it will take time for them to fall slowly. This means that you need a reasonable strategy, such as consuming many small objects instead of sucking many big things.

Download Hole.io MOD APK for Android

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