Hitmasters mod + apk 1.15.17 Unlimited Money

App Name Hitmasters
Genre Action
Developer Playgendary Limited
Size 99.3Mb
Latest Version 1.15.17
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update June 24, 2022 (1 weeks ago)

Description of Hitmasters

Hitmasters Mod Apk - If you live a busy life and need quick entertainment to relieve work-related stress, try Hitmasters. This game is definitely for you when you have free time to sit on the bus or take a short break to continue working. Just a few minutes with this game makes you less stressed, allowing you to focus on finishing a long day's work.

Hitmasters is a new Android game from Playgendary. This game is a combination of action, puzzle, and shooting elements. This game has just appeared in recent times but has attracted many participants with more than 1,000,000 installs from Google Play. Do you suspect a fever is on the way?


In Hitmasters, you take on the role of a spy tasked with eliminating all enemies in your path. There are tons of different challenges for you to overcome.

Touch and hold on the right side of the screen, then drag in different directions to aim at the target, and then release your finger to shoot. Each level will have walls, obstacles, and villains. Your mission is to destroy them with a gun having a certain number of bullets. At first glance, victory appeared to be a simple matter. However, if you cannot make use of the barrels, iron balls, or bombs, you will have to play repeatedly.

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Furthermore, each level in the game is divided into two or three more minor stages, and you must complete all of them to pass. The boss will appear every 10 or 20 levels. They are more challenging to destroy than usual and constantly change positions after each damage.

Game Modes

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Hitmasters offers four different game modes, specifically:

  • Shotgun Mode: Using different types of Shotguns having bullets with great destructive power. Easy to blow things up.
  • Gravity Mode: Using a gun capable of attracting small objects to turn them into bullets. Then shoot them at the opponent.
  • Ricochet Mode: Using a range of rifles.
  • Toxic Mode: Instead of using guns, you hold acid tanks to throw at opponents.

With the above four game modes, you will not be bored, but the exact mechanism is that you will need to destroy all your opponents. Bombs and gas tanks are highly lethal and widespread, so your power will not be only in bullets. It is critical that you use intelligence to activate those items, as they can destroy enemies that you may not even be able to reach. After each level, you will receive a certain amount of money. To be able to afford special items, you will need to accumulate a lot.

Unique Skins

hitmasters mod apk

Playgendary's games are always beautifully colored. Hitmasters is no different. You can get new characters when you complete some levels or defeat bosses. Or you can also unlock background color skins or buy weapons with a unique look. These weapons have no stats and no special abilities. They only differ in their shapes and color effects. However, this is reasonable because accuracy and visibility are what helps you win.


As a 3+ game, Hitmasters brings colorful graphics for you to regain dynamism. With 2D graphics, animated characters will get you enjoyable moments. The game's sound is also appropriate to combine with the graphics to create a lovely and appealing entertainment product.

MOD Version

As an extraordinarily stylish and fun spy, you need your special weapons and equipment to express your style. With the mod version's unlimited money feature, you can spend whatever you want without worrying about the cost. Let go shopping and show off your style without having to work hard to earn each gold coin. Plus, you will not be bothered by advertisements.

Download Hitmasters MOD APK for Free android

This article is just a few reviews about the game. There are many exciting things for you to explore. Let's overcome the challenges in Hitmasters. The game is currently available for free; quickly download it to your phone.

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