Head Basketball mod + apk 3.3.6 Unlimited Money

Head Basketball
App Name Head Basketball
Genre Sports
Developer Dampd Dream
Size 77.3Mb
Latest Version 3.3.6
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update June 13, 2022 (3 weeks ago)

Description of Head Basketball

Head Basketball (MOD, Unlimited Money) is an attractive basketball fighting game with fun big head graphics. You choose your lovable big-headed character, participate in a 1vs1 basketball game with your opponent, and knock them down. The wins will be counted when you score more points and your opponent's basket within the allowed time of the game.

That is an entertaining game, and it is far from an actual basketball competition. Because of that, this game is entirely suitable for anyone to join whether they know how to play basketball or not. You will enjoy an exciting entertainment experience like never before through unique basketball games with creative movements and the funny-looking style of the characters.

The Game Is Fun And Does Not Emphasize Strategy

If you are looking for an authentic basketball simulation game with complex strategies and skillful moves, this game will disappoint you. Instead, Head Basketball offers a highly relaxing experience for those looking for humorous and basketball-related battles.

With fast-paced levels, quick scoring, and super-simple control mechanics, this game made a strong impression on its audience with the fun it brought. That is why it is at the top of the most popular basketball games today.

Easy Control Mechanism

In this game, you and your opponent will protect your basket and find ways to put the ball into the opponent's basket to score points. The number of points will depend on each character's moves and skills to put the ball into the basket. In the allotted time of the game, the person who scores more points wins the overall game.

The exciting thing in this game is that you will only use the character's head to put the ball in the basket. The navigation buttons in the left corner of the screen will help you move the character left or right, while the Swing and Jump buttons will make your character jump high and skillfully put the ball into the basket.

Each character will have their own health and cooldown bar at the top of the screen, significantly affecting the game. For example, when the health bar runs out, your character will be stunned, and he will stand still for a while before he can continue the match. And if the cooldown bar is not complete, you can't launch secret moves to score many points. So, pay close attention to these two parameters in the battles to gain advantages for yourself against your opponent.

Creative Skills Of The Characters

This game is not simply about basketball, as it combines combat into sports matches. Each character will have their own unique move and are suitable for the country where they come from. For example, the athlete from Arabia has a special move to release a snake that binds both to you and makes you stand still for a while so that he can comfortably score many points, or the guy from Korea can create an electric ring around himself to paralyze his opponent whenever they touch, giving him an easy advantage.

This game owns a lot of characters from different countries, and you should learn their skills carefully to find the most suitable one for you to use in the battle. Each character will own two basic skills, Ability shot and Power shot, in addition to 3 unique skills, Counter Attack, Dash, and Sudden Death. They are all complex skills, and you will have to use them very well to score many points and win.

Upgrade Characters And Their Skills

When you get multiple wins, you will be rewarded with an amount corresponding to your opponent's skill. This money can be used to buy costumes to change the character's appearance or upgrade the character's skills to become stronger in basketball competitions.

Your character will have a more eye-catching appearance throughout many rounds, and his skills will become more impressive. At the same time, your opponent is also getting stronger. Therefore, the matches are always in balance, and you will have to use all your skills to win.

Graphics And Sound

The charming graphics are the reason why this game is so loved. The comical battles in the game are just bouncy dance moves because the characters have heads that are too big for their bodies, and we can't see the bodies of the characters we control. It is the funny combination of an extremely large head, hands, and a pair of shoes that make the appearance of these characters hilarious and entertainment is everywhere right now, even if the game hasn't started yet.

In addition, the sound in the game is also carefully invested and creates positive impressions for the audience. The catchy sound from the characters' Powershots, accompanied by beautiful lighting effects every time they launch, will make basketball battles much more exciting and bring outstanding and creative cartoon style.

Download Head Basketball Apk + Mod for android

Head Basketball is an entertaining basketball game that combines the characters' creative fighting skills and funny looks to relax the players. If you are interested in this game, the Mod APK version will give you unlimited money so you can freely shop and upgrade your character's skills without spending time completing tasks. Download this game now to participate in basketball wars that are competitive yet entertaining at the same time.

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