Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Mod Apk 2.17.0 (Updating)

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
App Name Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
Genre Adventure
Developer Niantic, Inc.
Size 78.5MB
Latest Version 2.17.0
Mod info Updating
Root No
Internet No
Get it On com.nianticlabs.hpwu.prod
Update October 11, 2021 (1 weeks ago)

Description of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite MOD APK is a free online role-playing game. It is inspired by the wizarding world, based on AR technology released by Niantic. 

The game is released for free on both iOS and Android platforms in 2019. It also has been previously tested in New Zealand and Australia for more than a month before its official launch.

The Plot

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is inspired by the magical world of Harry Potter novels. The story begins when a disaster strikes, causing the magic world to turn upside down. It is causing magical items, mysterious creatures, witches, etc.

Players will take on the role of a Special Forces Team member under the Rules of Privacy, whose mission is to take care of the Muggle World without letting magic wielders disturb the kingdom. Overall, players’ main job is relatively simple because there haven't been many events to worry about lately. However, after a catastrophic accident in the Demon World, things went wrong.

Gameplay and Features

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has an exciting gameplay that puts players at the heart of their adventures. The original stories take you into magic classes, magic battles, magic item collection quests, and more.

Gameplay will force players to pay attention to the character's stats, skills, and items. Besides, you will also have to keep an eye on tracing and collecting items in the same way you track Pokemon through the map system.

In the map, players will be introduced to traces of magic currently scattered throughout the town. The places closest to you will be marked as Findable, meaning players can go to locations and start experiencing the magical world in real life. Besides, the detailed 3D world in the game also allows you to contact the magical world from all directions.

Once you reach the magic destination, you can start participating in the game by going to the map locations to trigger certain events. If you are lucky, you can find valuable artifacts that can enhance strength or bring extraordinary abilities.

You will start with level 6 when you are given one of three occupations, Auror (god of light), Magizoologist (magical animal research), and Professor. Each job has its skills to upgrade, making this game deep.

Remarkable AR technologies in the game allow players to experience the life of a mage. Under the power of the magic wand, anything can happen if you have enough faith.

As you go deeper into the game, you will slowly reveal hidden secrets for chaotic situations. Be well prepared to face the upcoming challenges and work with other Security Task Force members worldwide.

Alternating with exploration and gathering are real magical battles, and you'll have to fight Death Eaters and Azkaban or sometimes rescue other characters in the game. You and other players can sometimes rally to fight the Death Eaters in the Fort.

In battles, you need to use many different magic types to defeat magic, bringing them back to the wizarding world. At this point, the items you collect might be helpful, like Spell Energy, Portkey, Poseidon, etc.

Amazing AR Technology and Beautiful 3D Graphics

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has a magical and beautiful style. There are many details re-used from Pokemon Go, such as maps, menus, etc., with the familiar faces of the Harry Potter series with lots of footage embedded in the game.

The essential part is Niantic's interactive map that brings the magical world. All real-world locations will turn into something unique in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite that other ordinary people can't see.

Download Harry Potter: Wizards Unite MOD APK

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a must-play if you're a Harry Potter fan. Although there are still some minor bugs, this game by Niantic is still worth the experience. With great gameplay and stunning graphics, you will indeed have the opportunity to explore the world of Harry Potter as you have always wanted.

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