Grand Theft Auto V mod 1.08 DATA Port PC to Android

Grand Theft Auto V
App Name Grand Theft Auto V
Genre Action
Developer Rusergames
Size 2.6GB
Latest Version 1.08 DATA
Mod info Port PC to Android
Update June 27, 2022 (1 weeks ago)

Description of Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a famous action game series from the developer Rockstar Games. That is a name that gains much popularity with all those who are passionate about action games because of its authenticity and suspense until the last minute. From both PC, console to mobile, this game has achieved a very high number of players and lots of positive reviews. Let's find out why this game has such great appeal.


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GTA 5 Apk opens with a bank robbery. You will play as a robber who has just finished his mission and must join a spectacular chase to escape the sight of the police. No matter how much you resist, this opening scene will eventually end with Michael, the character you play will fall before the final shot of the police.

The next scene in this game will be Michael's funeral. You will know this funeral is fake because the character you play as is still alive and hiding out in the cemetery, right in front of his grave. This fake funeral will be the place where everything begins and is also the reason your character escapes the constant pursuit of the police.

This game has not only one but three main characters. And you can play any of these three characters. Before the bank robbery at the beginning happened, Michael discovered his wife had an affair. In a fit of rage, he asked his friend Franklin to blow up a large building where the rival was hiding. This building, accidentally, is the building of a fierce Mafia boss and the explosion became the key to the conflict between the two and the Mafia, also the villain of the game.

To make up for the tycoon's losses, Michael and Franklin are tasked with earning a large sum of money to pay him. During trouble, they met Trevor, the sole survivor of a bank robbery long ago. All three have gathered, each with their purpose but all follow the group's common goal, which is to rob banks. For Michael, the purpose of making money is to repay the boss, Trevor is to get capital for the larger-scale drug trade, and Franklin is to use large amounts of money to enjoy life without having to work.

That is how the fifth part of the series began. With only the opening scene, the producers made players feel like they were enjoying a Hollywood movie. That will make them unable to wait any longer to join the journey of all three characters.


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When playing, you can choose one of 3 characters to role-play as Franklin, Michael, or Trevor. In each mission, the roles of these three characters will be different depending on their strengths and madness. Franklin is the youngest and most intelligent, but not reckless enough. Trevor has survived many bloody clashes before, is the craziest, can do anything when he gets angry. Michael, also the main character, has a complicated life story, is the leader of the group but sometimes makes very emotional decisions, directly influenced by his dark past.

Each mission in the game usually follows a process: Get the mission, scout the situation, choose how to attack. The bonus will increase in proportion to the danger of the quest. This game is not only about shooting. What makes Grand Theft Auto V famous is its breathtakingly intense racing and vehicle hijacking. For such purposes, the street is full of means of transportation. From bikes, motorbikes to heavy vehicles such as racing cars, tanks, helicopters. All ready for players to experience them.

Because Trevor is the top arms dealer, the game will give you a massive arsenal of pistols, rifles, 6-barrel guns, magazines, silencers,... You need to go and rob money to buy them and then destroy all who stand in your way.

Extremely crazy and dangerous quest list

grand theft auto v mod apk

Part 5 of Grand Theft Auto includes a lot of stressful and seemingly impossible missions. The drama of the game was pushed to the top from the very beginning when your main character even had to fake his death to trick the police. As you go through the following levels, you will also experience underwater missions, stealing roadside cars to crash into a building, or robbing banks with strict security systems.

The more you go to the next level, the more Mafia-related quests appear. As a genuine gangster, you will have to take on tasks such as taking revenge on the gang, gaining territory, winning drug sales, burning enemy houses... These are missions that require extremely high risk and will give players feel suffocated until the last minute.

If you are a player who cares about the story, try to do everything to make the main trio achieve their goals. Otherwise, the massive and realistic world in the game will help you do whatever you want when participating in the game. You can steal a car, point a gun at a certain passerby to scare you when you are upset, and at your leisure, you can take a stroll around the streets to relax your mind. All of that gives great inspiration and is the key to making this game so successful.


Of all the gangster games I've played, Grand Theft Auto V is the most impressive. A grand, vast world, faithfully depicted in every detail can make you spend all day exploring interesting spots. The scenery is super beautiful, especially the sunsets and rainstorms. There is not a game that has both action elements and continuous gunfights, but there is a lot of space for players to be comfortable and enjoy such scenery.

Download Gta 5 APK for Android

Immediately download the APK version of this game so that all three main characters will own an unlimited amount of money. That money can be used to buy weapons and do anything you want without having to go through thrilling missions.

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June 26, 2022

Bị thiếu file install rồi ad ơi, tải 2.5g mới có file game zip thui ko có file apk để install

Grand Theft Auto V • June 27, 2022
Bác kéo xuống bên dưới tụi mình có để file Apk đó