GTA: Liberty City Stories Mod Apk 2.4 (Unlimited Money)

GTA: Liberty City Stories
App Name GTA: Liberty City Stories
Genre Adventure
Developer Rockstar Games
Size 51.4MB
Latest Version 2.4
Mod info Unlimited Money
Root No
Internet No
Get it On com.rockstargames.gtalcs
Update May 18, 2021 (5 months ago)

Description of GTA: Liberty City Stories

The Mafia theme has never been all hot for action games today. Download and install now GTA: Liberty City Stories MOD APK to explore the gangster life in Liberty City.

About GTA: Liberty City Stories

About GTA: Liberty City Stories

GTA: Liberty City Stories is an action game that is gaining a lot of attention from players around the world. Coming to this game, you have a great experience of graphics and drama in character building.

Have you ever wondered what the tribute of the gangsters will be like? Challenge other gangs, confront evil officials, hide from police hunting, get involved in the family business, and put Liberty City under the control of the Leone family. All of the above are the answers. Besides, you can freely do what you want in the city. Start your adventure right now with GTA: Liberty City Stories!

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Familiar Plot

Compared to the previous installments in the GTA series, the plot of GTA: Liberty City Stories is not much different. The player will play the role of Toni Cipriani, an inmate who is being hunted by the police after the murder of an important man. The protagonist is also a shrewd man of the Leone criminal family, he finally returns to Liberty City after years in exile and the story begins here.

Life in the city of liberty is in chaos as corrupt officials are vying for political control of the city. Not only that, but the Mafia gangs are also fiercely competing for underground businesses, drug trafficking, and weapons. All of this has made the city a terrifying place when the law here seems useless.

You are also an important figure in gang battles and your main task is to rise above all situations to gain an advantage over opponents in the conflict. From there, you'll gain fame for the Leone family and gain control of the city in your own hands.

Main Features

Here, you will find all the interesting features that the game has to offer:

Addictive Gameplay and Intuitive Controls

Addictive Gameplay and Intuitive Controls

GTA Liberty City Stories offers players engaging gameplay with relatively easy-to-access controls. Easy-to-understand touch controls allow you to quickly familiarize yourself with the game's features. Upon entering the game, you will clearly see that the fine-tuned touch controls are incredibly fun and convenient. Besides, you can also use the gamepad to replace the virtual keys of the game.

Immerse Yourself in the City

At the beginning of your adventure into the underworld city of Freedom, you will be free to access all the exciting activities of the game. You can engage in legal or illegal activities as you please. Thus, you can become a good citizen to help people or bandits into a bandit to rob a car on the road and run away in the streets.


On the streets, you will find a full range of vehicles from expensive cars to shabby scooters, or the most powerful supercars and motorcycles. You can freely rob your car, run around the city, and do illegal things that make the police watch you. Even military tanks or helicopters are things that you can easily steal to travel around Liberty city. Be enjoy!

Equipped with the Most Amazing Weapons

The game offers gamers a variety of powerful and destructive weapons. As a notorious criminal, you cannot lack the weapons to perform your tasks. Feel free to choose great guns and launch powerful attacks to gain power for yourself.

Get a Variety of Interesting Quests

The system will offer a series of different tasks for you. From car theft, drug trafficking, to gang wars, assassination, etc. You will feel like you are immersed in the underworld of dangerous criminals. The fascinating and varied missions will always make the player feel excited and never tedious.

Graphics and Sound

Graphics and Sound

GTA: Liberty City Stories is designed with upgraded graphics and unique visual effects making it possible for gamers to play it in high definition settings. In addition, the characters and surroundings are meticulously elaborated to ensure the player a most immersive and satisfying gameplay experience.

Additionally, the adjustable graphics settings will ensure that the game can work on most of your Android devices.

On the audio side, the game offers a powerful and immersive audio experience. You will find yourself caught up in this wonderful game. Addictive decades-old music included in the game will surely make you enjoyable.

Download GTA: Liberty City Stories MOD APK for Android

Currently, to download GTA Liberty City Stories on Google Play you will have to pay a certain fee. However, if you don't want to pay, download the GTA Liberty City Stories MOD APK from our website and install it on your Android devices. This way, you will not have to pay any fees and will enjoy many unlockable features such as unlimited money and immortal cheats on the game. Now, becoming king of the Free City won't be difficult with this revised version.