Granny: Chapter Two Mod Apk 1.1.9 (God Mode)

Granny: Chapter Two
App Name Granny: Chapter Two
Genre Arcade
Developer Dvloper
Size 89.1MB
Latest Version 1.1.9
Mod info God Mode
Get it On com.dvloper.grannychaptertwo
Update October 27, 2021 (1 months ago)

Description of Granny: Chapter Two

Granny Chapter Two Mod Apk is an exploration game in the mysterious house with two characters Granny and Grandpa of DVloper. It can be said that Granny is one of the most successful mobile horror games with hundreds of millions of downloads on Google Play, bringing stress and many situations that can cause players to drop their phones because of startles.

Face the Scary Characters

This game is for those who are passionate about horror movies. Players will play the role of characters trapped in the house and facing many dangers. The door is locked and players will have difficulty finding their way out. The dark space of the room with no outlet brings a gloomy atmosphere and a feeling of fear. It is these things that make the charm of Granny: Chapter Two, attracting many players who want to explore the mysteries.

Many situations appear that make players extremely confused and even want to exit the game. The Granny character is always looking for a chance to catch you when you are not paying attention. So you must pay attention and do not fall into the trap. Start planning and quickly find your way out of this gloomy room.

Be Quiet or She Can Find You!

In the previous version, Granny was a madman and wacky. She lives alone in the cold deserted house. In Part 2, Granny has a partner friend Grandpa. They will always find ways to harm and take the lives of players. With just a sound like footsteps, Granny can see you. Contrary to Granny, Grandpa’s ears are not hearing.

Do whatever you can to survive and escape from that room without making any noise. The noise will get Granny to come and kill you. Granny and Granpa will try to find you. They always set traps around. Do everything you can to stay out of danger and have a safe, temporary shelter.

To escape the house, players need to find the key, password, and many other necessary items. You can even turn on the radio to distract them. They will be motionless for a few seconds, which is a valuable time to do what you want to do. The game also has many exciting puzzles, opening up mysterious stories in the house.

Keys, hammers, and other items hidden in many parts of the house are often in drawers, cabinets, under the bed, or hidden behind something. Players can explore basements and drainage pipes.

On the left side of the screen is the Joystick to control the character's movement. You just need to touch and rotate the screen to adjust the viewing angle. The left side also has controls for the character to walk, stand, lie or sit. The game also provides a controller with many features, providing the most realistic experience.

The game allows players to experience horror and is very attractive with many game modes, from easy to complex. Find a way out quickly to find yourself a chance to survive by distracting and controlling the character intelligently.

Scary Graphics and Sound

Granny: Chapter Two apk is still as classic as pixel games, despite having sharp 3D graphics. This adds to the scary and dramatic nature. From the main character's perspective, players can feel the fear and tension in his breathing in the stuffy house.

Immerse yourself in thrilling and frightening gameplay as you dive into the immersive audio experience. To make the game even more creepy and scary, players also have access to the dark and mysterious sounds available in the game.

Download Granny: Chapter Two MOD APK

Following the success of part one, Granny: Chapter Two brings a whole new story. Players will have the opportunity to explore epic horror experiences as they delve into the immersive and engaging gameplay in the game. Besides, players should use a high-profile phone and a headset for the best experience.