GTA Vice City mod 1.09 Unlimited Money

GTA Vice City
App Name GTA Vice City
Genre Arcade
Developer Rockstar Games
Size 7.6MB
Latest Version 1.09
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update April 27, 2022 (3 weeks ago)

Description of GTA Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is one of the legendary games imprinted on every gamer’s memories. Join us back in time to find out about this hit game.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a famous game released by Rockstar Games, and they have released a version for Android long ago. When first released, this game is considered one of the most advanced and eye-catching graphics games. It attracted millions of plays and brought success to the publisher. The game allows gamers to do everything in a city like real life. Perhaps we don't need to say too much about popularity among gamers because everyone has probably heard of this name, whether old or new players.

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Background of the Game

This game is based on the US in the 1980s in a city similar to Miami during the economic crisis. Along with the crisis are evils raging all over the city. Our main character is Tommy Vercetti, a criminal who has just been released from prison due to an unsuccessful drug deal. 

After leaving prison, he continued to do illegal missions. In a deal with the dock’s Vance brothers, he escaped death when he was suddenly ambushed, but his bodyguards were not so lucky. From there, Tommy Vercetti began his journey to find the person who wanted to harm him and build a gang of his own.

Become a Notorious Criminal
Become a Notorious Criminal

This game is the perfect combination of genres such as shooting, adventure, action, role-playing. At the start of the game, the first thing your character has to do is steal the pedestrian's car. Everything in the city seems to be under your control; you can enjoy doing whatever you want and getting everything you need without fear of anyone.

Besides, you will be driving the most expensive cars to explore the city and play with beautiful girls. However, those things will also make you bored only. What will impress you are the special tasks that you must perform. Tommy officially works for a tycoon to retrieve lost drugs and love the boss's daughter, Mercedes. You must help your protagonist perform missions like looting, selling drugs, or even killing people to make more money.

Don't forget that what you are doing is illegal and will be noticed by the police; they will find and arrest you. You can shoot back the police, but this will make your crime worse, and the wanted level will increase. Your crime level is converted into stars. If you have 5 stars, then your offense will be punished by the death penalty.

Weapons & Vehicles

An assassin will be indispensable specialized weapons; otherwise, he will also lose his life easily. Therefore, you must perform the task that the system sets out to earn more potential to buy weapons. In hard weapons, there are many types that you can use, such as machine guns, rifles, pistols, etc. As for vehicles, you don't have to spend money buying a car because you can find it anywhere in the city.

Graphics Quality
Graphics Quality

Since its launch, this game has attracted the gaming community with extremely realistic graphics. The fashion, the vehicles, and the music all truly reflect the American style of the '80s.

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